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As the world descends into a quagmire of guilt, fear and apologies for things that have offended someone somewhere, I must confess to wondering if our current Governments, media and social media are actually worshipping failure and expecting success.

Good things happen when you do your best. You can only succeed if you TRY. Make an effort. 

Lefties are losers. They lose in life and in their personal relationships and their lives in general. They don't work, or at least, not in meaningful employment. They are normally unemployed or are paid to sponge at a place of work dishing out advice to others on how everyone else should live their lives. 

They are hypocritical spongers and they focus on what others should do and not on what they should do. 

Lefties belong to two distinct groups: those with money and power and those that have neither. The Hierarchy rule the roost and the foot soldiers carry out their orders.

ALL lefties, rich and poor, they crave both. Without the inconvenience of actually EARNING their living or WORKING for the money that will feed and clothe and house them. 

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It seems that lefties believe that OTHERS should bear that responsibility. 

People like you and me. 

 The ones with money and power drive gas gobbling cars and tell others to drive electric cars. ( which no one except them can afford. ) The left cancel coal and oil and make money out of investing in companies that enjoy Government subsidies for so-called renewables. The core philosophy of these idiots is to turn the clock back and expect others to live as serfs in medieval England whilst they are jetting around the world on their private jets expounding the virtues of a green and pleasant land. That only they will be able to enjoy because the rest of us have been returned to slavery.

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Then there is the cash poor leftie who has probably held down a job for 2 hours once back when they were 18. Apparently, according to the leftie, it is always someone else's fault that they are losers. In spite of them attending good schools and getting subsidised education, life and money by sponging off our hard earned tax payer dollars, the leftie always wants more for doing less. 

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They blame the very system that supports their failure and they want to tear down and destroy the very cash cow that enables them to protest, riot and exist.... the irony is that they genuinely believe that the destruction of capitalism and the introduction of socialism will turn their failure into success.

The so called " right wing " are the enemy that they despise. 

WE are expected to work and toil and pay taxes so that they can lecture us what evil people we are. 

Everyone has their trials and tribulations in life, but a leftie loser, worshipping at the altar of failure is much more likely to be hungry were it not for the right wing worker and taxpayer. Most of us have not had our power cut off or our homes lost because we failed to provide for our loved ones. 

Not so with the lefties. They have experienced these, and many other traumas because they worship failure and expect success. They are so indoctrinated that they genuinely believe it is not their fault that they are useless spongers. They want to destroy our society and culture and change the very system that has fed and housed them and allowed them to be comfortable and in a position to create havoc and destruction of their cash cow. US. The workers of the world.

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When President Trump was the victim of a coup from the left, the presidency stolen and the entire world was changed forever, I have to wonder if these morons have any clue what they have done? 

The upper echelon of the left will pontificate and lecture about social justice, equality and diversity while pouring millions of spongers into our Nations to bludge off the tax paying " right wing " ,,, until we, the backbone of our Nations, slowly collapse under the weight of the burden that we are expected to carry.

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We hardworking, decent, honest and caring citizens have only two choices: to work until we drop from overwork or fight back.

Either way, the left elite have created the ultimate trojan horse. They have used their foot soldiers to bring about the demise of our modern society and the foolish lefties on the ground do not realise that they have brought about, not only our demise, but theirs as well.

It is my opinion that the salvation of the left will lie in the hands of the right. 

Because WE know that worshipping failure and expecting success simply doesn't work.

It might be time to pull our boots on. 

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