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I am still trying to get my head around what is happening. To be honest, I am guessing and following threads on different forums and trying to weave a pattern of logic from those threads.
So what do we know?
We know that Trump asked his followers to come to Washington DC on the 6th. And they came.  As they have always done since 2015 when he announced his intention to run for President of the United States of America.
It was like a compulsion to many of us - we saw a glimmer of hope in a sea of darkness and we rallied to his speeches and rallied in person and hung on his every speech and tweet.
From the minute I saw him come down the escalator and announce his candidacy for President, I have been one of his staunchest supporters.
I remember ringing my Mum, Redhead, and saying, " Mum! Trump is running for President! "
She replied " Who's Trump? "
Back then, unless you watched " The Celebrity Apprentice " or followed " Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous " , outside of America, Donald Trump was just some rich guy from New York.
Even now, I cannot recollect quite what it was that made me so thrilled and uplifted. But it was as if I knew that he was the right man at the right time for the right job.
He wasn't a Politician. He had no money to make or power to grab. He was already immensely wealthy and incredibly powerful. Perhaps it was his self confidence? His look of determination and his ability to make a grand entrance. His self deprecation, the way he could laugh at himself and play cameo roles in movies? I genuinely do not know. But I KNEW that moment that he was the man who was needed to sort the bastards out.
I then saw a video clip someone had made, using the song from Les Miserables.
I tried to watch it again just now, but couldn't get through it all - my tears just flowed and I am crying with such an agony inside me because we had such hope.
But back to then rather than now.
I saw such hope, such fighting spirit from men like Nigel Farage, Tony Abbott and others. We were suddenly transported in to a world of hope and optimism and one that offered unity through PATRIOTISM.
I found a fledgling site run by a chap from Alabama. It was called Right Side Broadcasting News.
They were covering all of Trump's rallies. I eagerly went to the site to upvote them and shared what little money I had. I became so involved with this that I spoke with a dear friend, Monty, and good old Monts decided to start so that we could engage in pro Trump, pro decency and pro old fashioned values in our own small way.
By now, Redhead had begun watching RSBN and watching Trump at Breitbart and was declaring herself a Trump supporter.
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We were soon joined by other posters who submitted articles, all about how concerned we were about the fall of the old and how the so called new was not the kind of new we particularly cared for.
Our small site gradually became a place to celebrate this man called Donald Trump and we still praise God that he came to us down that escalator and announced his intention to fight the bastards that are currently smirking and gloating and thinking that they have won.
Lying and cheating may give the illusion of a win, but it is an empty victory.
It is like a million ants climbing onto an animal and, through sheer weight of numbers, bringing it to its knees.
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There is no victory in a lion being taken down by 50 men with machine guns. There is no victory when you hold it's head up and have your photo taken after you had butchered it and proclaim yourself a lion hunter.
There is no victory in slaughtering a man ( metaphorically speaking ) because you hated him so much that you would resort to cheating and lying and abandoning any idea of a fair fight.
In short, there is no honour in what has happened of late.
I do not know what will happen in the next 2 weeks or less.
But I do know that the man that walked down that escalator, has not taken a penny in payment for the abuse and hatred he has been subjected to; been hounded and harassed and demonised by the MSM and the so called " Democrats " has more courage, more integrity and more decency than the lot of them rolled into one and called a Porkie Pie.
President Trump has done more for world peace, minority rights and the rights of unborn children; more for the rights of children trafficked and molested and raped by the same people who seek to bring him down; more to stop drug importation and the takeover of America by illegal aliens than any other President in history.
To those of you, like the man I called a friend until this morning, who said to me that Trump should be shot for what he has done to our world I have only this to say to you:
" YOU are the problem. "

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