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Well  the New Year arrived and we were given the oh so exciting news that our    tried and true Anthem had been changed.    The next step will be removed totally , like they are   trying to do with the flag.    They changed all the words of the Lord's Prayer.  They are changing the meaning of many of our words.   Gay, Rainbow, words like Her and Him to They.

What are we allowing to happen , why aren't we all up in arms about these changes.   Why can't we seem to do something positive about whoever is manipulating our way of life.?????  All I can say is if this continues, this behind the scenes altering of everything we take for granted we are going to be in very big trouble.   The next step will be  the English language is not good enough , we will all have to learn some form of Chinese or Arabic . 
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Our Country is slowly but surely being invaded,  no bombs are going off, no buildings are being destroyed , people are being killed by a Virus, and of course our minds are being subdued and our lives have been put on hold , the experiment of  ..   see how far we can  push them and see how much they will accept in the way of restrictions before they rebel.   The wearing of masks denying the joys of fresh air , the joys of breathing in the     fresh  salt filled air of the ocean .    the very place that is the cleanest and safest , the beach.   Our shores are unpolluted  our waters are clean ,  but that was the first place they shut down and stopped people from enjoying.

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Then they locked down the big cities, held people prisoner in their homes,  Brief times to go and shop for food, no schools so the younger generation  got  bored and distressed, not to mention the mothers  trying to keep everyone in the house happy and not  at one another's throats all day.   This  restricted life has led to divorce and  suicide ,   the breakup of happy family   relationships.

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If we do not want a total take over from an outside  power  we have to express our displeasure at the  things we are being expected to accept.   Changing  things to suit other nationalities,  ban the halal killing of our animals, ban the changing of our songs,  our flag ,  the different names we call one another...  they  have worked well for years why change them?  Let us show Australian pride in how we think and what we do.     Become true blue Aussies again, give an example to our children of true patriotic feelings , no kneeling , stand straight and tall .  Then slowly but surely we will return to our pride filled  hearts of being  Australians.

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