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Two of the bravest men from fiction have transitioned in to women. 

When Daniel Craig retires, 007 will become a black woman.

Back in 1963, on the eve of the assassination of President Kennedy, a new show aired throughout the Commonwealth: Doctor Who.  

As Dr Who traversed the Universe in his TARDIS, he could travel back in time but he never meddled in history. 

download 2020 12 19T102541.620

Right now, I wish he would travel back in time and meddle. We sure could use some meddling right now.

But on with my story.............

Dr Who faced danger from hidden enemies, traps and all manner of obstacles. But he always overcame them.

Sometimes, after a glass or three of an " adult beverage " at night, I imagine Donald J Trump as the Doctor, whacking down the baddies and saving the world. The inner child in me sees him racing across the galaxy with his trusty companion, Princess Melania, who, like Professor River Song, would do anything for her beloved Doctor in his quest to save planet Earth and their beloved America.

Like Dr Who, James Bond leapt in to our lives but with an adult beverage twist.

dr no

The movie hit the screens back in 1962 and we saw a glimpse in to a future where people craving power tried to take over the world. Sean Connery, the original 007 James Bond, was tasked with saving the world.

He was facing danger from hidden enemies, traps and all manner of obstacles. But he always overcame them.

His weapons were fast cars, guns, exploding briefcases and his ruthless focus on working for Her Majesty in her Secret Service.

Women were protected or bedded - mostly both. On some occasions, like the tough Russian spy in " From Russia with Love " they were treated with equality. If you are the bad guy, you die. 007 didn't cut anyone slack just because they were female. 

We saw the creation of the " Bond Girls ". They could wield a knife, survive rampaging crocodiles and always, always hold their own while looking incredibly gorgeous in a dress or a bikini.

Strangely enough, my favourite Bond Girl wasn't a " Bond Girl"  as such but she was a Bond woman: Judi Dench as M.

Judi Dench as M

I have always found it strange that so many people deride James Bond as a misogynist. I never saw one woman leap into bed with him without great gusto and enthusiasm. He worked for a woman - the Queen. The only ones he ever killed were traitors, spies or about to kill him. If anything I would have said he was very non gender biased in his killing.

Alas, in the modern woke age, Dr Who is now regenerated as a woman who can tackle the Universe with the help of transgender sychopantic dickheads who pander to whatever lame duck excuse of a planet they encounter. 

download 2020 12 19T103622.958

Who knows what they will do with 007. Though part of me suspects that when the Queen passes from this world to the next and King Charles is in charge, it will no doubt be a perfect fit : 007 will be fighting Climate Change for His Majesty's Secret Service and the first storyline will be 007 attacking a coal fired power station. 

007 is now a black woman. 

download 2020 12 19T103514.789

History means NOTHING. Just re write it as a Hollywood Production and the Soyboys and leftie luvvies will lap it up like milk.

By the time they have finished, Abraham Lincoln will be a Slave Owner and a Racist.... oh wait...

That just happened.


It seems to me that the Daleks and Cybermen are landing and we need to go back in time, get the David Tennant Doctor  back, get Donna Noble back and quite honestly, I want the Ood to sing again. 

I want 007 to be a big strong male who says " No" and then sorts the bastards out.

I want historical FICTION to remain true to it's roots. I want historical FACT to remain true to it's roots.

I want MY Dr Who to go back and change history because this one is bloody awful.

In short, I want Dr Who to be a bloke.I want 007 to be a bad arse man who saves the world.

Oh, and did I mention that Anne Boleyn is now black? How the hell did she give birth to a redheaded white woman who became the Queen of England? Did she get the batflu vaccine and something messed up her DNA?

download 2020 12 19T104020.532

Give me a break!


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