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I have lived on the Sunshine Coast for over 35 years and during that time have had several carpet snakes visit when we kept birds in an aviary.     Very occasionally caught a glimpse of a red bellied black  in the garden.   Sometimes seen a big brown  on one of the paths to the beach  , but this year  I have seen more snakes than in all the 35 years put together.
From what you read  on the internet,  other  people also have seen more of our wriggly  pests   than normal.    2020  has been an awful year ,  Politicians and Premiers   have done their very best to ruin  every aspect of our lives.   Curfews, masks, lockdowns,  closed borders, no visitors ,  distancing , you name it they have set the rules .     Arrests and fines have been the order of the day.  No sitting in parks , no gathering in the water at the beaches,  and  no get togethers .      I have to say the Sunshine Coast has not had some of the severe restrictions that Sydney and Melbourne  and probably Brisbane have had to put up with,    but it has still taken the spontaneity of action away.
I have found a way to keep the snakes away my garden .   In   3 weeks  I have seen around the back by the clothes line two  young red bellied blacks.    On  my drive way,  one wriggling its way under the gate and onto the walkway.    And another   on the garden  just off the walkway.     All young red bellied blacks.   Other neighbours have told me they have seen big Browns  in their garden  and on the paths to the beach.   In other words they are everywhere. 
I looked up on line and found different snake deterrents.    The one I have chosen is shaped like a solar light but gives off an intermittent  low sound.      Costs a few bob but I think it is going to be worth its weight in gold .    Comes in a group of ten , has a battery inside  which the sun keeps charged.  Turn the switch on and away it is working. I have put two outside the gate on the garden on either side of the gate, six running the length of the house and walkway  and two around the back by the clothes line.    The little noise does not harm them just makes them decide to stay away from   the  area.

"I have and old Jack Russell and a tabby cat and they do not seem at all concerned or worried about the sound. "
The theory is that the noise travels in the ground and the snakes do not like it.     Good also for moles, gophers and mice ,   We could put any little mouse on our list but not the moles etc.
Makes you think if only there was some deterrent we could play to upset the  Powers that Be.. wouldn't that be great.   So far not a snake in sight.    Please may someone find a cure for the human  pests that are upsetting our lives! I do not want them back. 

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