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Redhead always tells me she hates the alphabet people. She likes words. If you say GITMO she hates it.  We may know what it means The Guantanamo Bay detention camp. but GITMO is quicker and easier to type. 

GTFO is obviously rather rude language for those of us who were brought up to think that Get the F##k out was probably a little less than polite. Though I do have to confess to using the F word alot more these days than previously. 

I was shopping with Redhead the other day and she opened the hatchback of my car and she hit herself on the head as it launched upwards.She did not say " Ouch that hurt. " She , aged 89 said " F#k!"  Good on you Mum. We, in our family, call a spade a spade.
Words are vital.

When I saw the election fraud going on, I did not say " Oh my goodness this is most troublesome. "  I said " F##k the sh#t is about the hit the fan " 

Words are being censored. I don't use certain words online. But I sure as hell use them in my private life. 

Words are being turned into letters and acronynisms. Without words, the letters have no meaning. Unless you are a dickhead. 

We live in a world of shorthand. Not the sort that Redhead learned as a young woman after WW2 and during the polio epidemic in New Zealand that closed all of the schools. ( She left school because school left her and enrolled in a business college that taught her shorthand, typing, punctuation, grammar and reinforced what I call " proper English. " ) 

As a result, she has acquired an intolerance of laziness when it comes to the written word and prefers things to be spelled out. Words are too important to be abbreviated, turned into acronyms. 

tell me about acronyms 730x477

When she reads things like the AG, EO; and SCOTUS, POTUS and all manner of other acronyms, it is like fingernails on a blackboard to her.

But I suppose what dawned on me is the words themselves become less impactive, less meaningful. I am supposed to accept  that BLM doesn't trigger something in my brain to the same extent that BLACK LIVES MATTER does. But to me, one is just a group of left wing dickheads prancing around burning their cities and  wishing for black supremacy and the other is a group of left wing dickheads prancing around burning their cities and  wishing for black supremacy.

Oh bugger.  Let's start again. I suppose that is what Redhead was talking about. Acceptance of the alphabet culture is acceptance of a rewrite of our words and their meanings.

download 2020 12 14T144702.531

To her, the minute we accept the letters as words, words will just become meaningless.

I just got off the phone from speaking to her about this article. ( She is my Mum so I don't write or say anything about her without her permission) and she said " nothing will change my mind. I hate this article. It is full of letters that mean nothing to me. And, even if I did understand them, I shall not accept them. "

So I have edited it. Thanks Mum.

She is right. We should not accept this new age leftie luvvie bullshit alphabet culture. The President is the President. The Supreme Court is the Supreme Court. 

If you are part of the brainwashed, ill educated, " soy boy, vego, sprouts are better than a good steak and a serve of chips "  leftie brigade, all you will see are the letters. You will never understand the words behind the alphabet culture that is taking over

download 2020 12 14T145029.355

Redhead learned shorthand all those years ago. An ability to record phonetics without thinking about what the words meant, but just how they sounded.

No wonder this new form of shorthand , this alphabet rubbish, is so popular today. You just parrot off the letters and ignore what they actually mean.

But, for those of you/ us/Redhead who despise the alphabet takeover, I am here to interpret. I apologise. There are so many people out there who did not get a good education - like Redhead did - that maybe they need to have it put into old fashioned Redhead speak.

The Supreme Court of The United States has rejected the bid by Texas to investigate election fraud. However, The President of the United States signed an Executive Order in 2018 that required that:

" The head of the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the heads of any other appropriate agencies and, as appropriate, State and local officials, shall deliver to the President, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Secretary of Defense a report within 45 days of the election "

 The date it must be delivered by is  18 December 

This report shall ( very important word - not may or could - shall - it is a not negotiable ) be delivered to the President of the United States by 18 December. The President will then follow the recommendations in the report.

So this report is pivotal to the survival of the Free World.

Something that could allow us to breathe again.

download 2020 12 14T145238.043

Which brings me back to two of the most important acronyms in the world right now. Think about it.


In short, if my favourite President and bravest man in the world today, President Trump, manages to do what we here on Patriotrealm believe he will do, the POTUS will not use the SCOTUS but use GITMO to tell the leftie luvvies it is time to GTFO.

I suspect they are packing their bags because they would prefer to GTFO than face GITMO. 

I think it is too late for the GTFO and GITMO may be their future. 

For Redhead, it means President Trump is still fighting and we may be having a celebration soon. 

Because the bastards will be in GITMO, they didn't GTFO out in time and our freedom is intact.

In old fashioned English, traitors will soon be in a Military prison and they left it too late to leave because they were too arrogant to realise that they were in danger.

Because the good guy is still in charge. 

download 2020 12 14T150203.266








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