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Having worked in a mens maximum security prison, I know all about lock downs. They happened when something was up or something was about to go down. Drugs on the compound, hooch ( illegally brewed alcohol) being hatched in a garden hose somewhere; or the tell tale signs : prisoners returning property to the property store instead of being in their cell. Hair being cut, a change in telephone habits. A riot being planned. 

The easiest way to quell the forment was to lock down, isolate prisoners from each other and cut off their means of communication.

The message still got out, a crooked guard or a coded telephone call to a loved one.

Someone would ask his wife if she was going fishing on Saturday? The weather might not be too flash so could be best to stay at home and watch the TV.  In other words, don't visit on Saturday, something is about to rumble. 

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As the world goes in to yet another month of lock down, I cannot get this thought out of my mind: that something is up or about to go down.  

As the Dominion machine saga gathers momentum and the voter fraud unravels, America is poised on a precipice of  heightened alert. Just in case the coded message doesn't get through, Governments around the world are using the Kung Flu to legitimise their latest lockdowns. Our entire free world is being locked up in lock down.

Cutting off our communication, keeping us isolated from quiet conversations and listening in to our social media.  


As more and more social media accounts are suspended or terminated and individual messages censored or deleted from the internet, we are starting to talk in code. 

Like the prisoners before the riot, we are trying to communicate with our loved ones and associates with words that we hope will escape their censorship.

We are trying to tell each other that we need to watch the skies and keep an eye on the weather because fishing is probably off the agenda in the coming weeks.

Are our Governments locking us down to protect us? Or locking us up to protect themselves?

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As the prisoners used to cut their hair, return their valuables to safe storage and prepare for the oncoming unrest, gun sales in America are off the charts. People are stocking up and preparing for the storm that will hit soon.

We will soon find out if this lock down is for our good or for " theirs".

I wrote some months ago about the riot that I experienced many years ago. I can still remember the tension in the air when arriving at work each morning. It was invisible yet palpable. In the weeks leading up to that terrible day, we could feel it.

There was something in the air. 

I have not felt that emotion since 1996. I feel it now. Everyday. It is like waiting for a door to open in to the unknown. The minute that door opens, it will be all on.

No matter who " wins" who " loses ". I feel that it will be a bad day to go fishing. 

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