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I read Redhead's article about the Lord's Prayer and it struck me on so many levels. The idea that we are all looking in to the dawn of a new day and praying that it will be a better day... what has happened to us as a People, as Nations?

What have we done that has culminated in 2020, the year that the world went mad? Well, I will tell you what we did wrong. We allowed them to trespass against us.

I set out on a mission to explore the intent of the Lord's Prayer and why the changes that are made to our words are subtle, but important.

I did not realise that I would be embarking on a voyage of discovery. That this fundamental prayer that has lasted for hundreds of years, nearly 2000 years if truth be told, sent out a message that did indeed give us a pathway to morality and decency.

The Left have almost managed to destroy every line of this prayer by redefining so many words. 


" Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name "  

I called on Redhead's two dictionaries: one published in 2004 and one published in 1960. I also called on the latest online dictionaries. 

Father is now defined as:

  • A male whose sperm unites with an egg, producing an embryo.
  • A male whose impregnation of a female results in the birth of a child.

In the 1960 dictionary, 

  • Male parent. Oldest member.  Religious teacher. leading male.

What a complete re writing of INTENT. 


But the one that got me the most was the word trespass.
In 1960, it meant 
  • Make unlawful and unwarrantable intrusion   … upon lands or rights.

Today, it is defined as exactly the same thing. So what have they done? They simply CHANGED THE WORD!



Debt is something that is OWED. A trespass is something that is STOLEN.

At least Americans can still fight trespass.

download 2020 11 15T115300.067

 How can we accept this fraudulent manipulation of our language? Our words? Who has the right to change trespass to debt?
This is the worst I found ( so far ) 

download 2020 11 15T113644.139

I have written, as so many have, about this theft that is taking place under our very noses. And we, as a People, have been helpless and hopeless in our fight to maintain our right to our words and our language and the thing that keeps us and the bastards honest. Those people who trespass against us. Yes, this Prayer asks me to forgive those who try to impose unwarranted and unlawful intrusions on my life - like those who seek to steal my right to listen to what I choose, speak my mind and watch what pleases me as long as I am not breaking the law.
download 2020 11 15T120243.820
So what do the left want to do? Make everything I want to say, see and hear UNLAWFUL. They wish to trespass on my life. 
Right now, words are being argued in the American Electoral system. The interpretation of the Constitution and the meaning behind the words written all those years ago.
Will the words in this American Constitution go to the Supreme Court of the United States of America? 
Or will they be merely redefined and the People will be told that it was just a " glitch" of misinterpretation? Can we put our Faith in the judgement of 9 people - it concerns me that if The Lord's Prayer can be changed and interpreted at will, then so too can the Constitution. 
 download 2020 11 15T120413.298
My late father, the man who guided me through 6 decades of life, always said that all he wanted was peace love and harmony. 3 generations of our family know the commitment Dad had to this mantra.
Peace Love and Harmony.
Yet Dad was the first person to stand up to the noisy neighbour, the cruel pet owner, the cowardly bully who beat his wife and or children.
While this quiet man kept his Faith in God to himself, prayed in the quiet of a sleepless night and thanked God for the Blessing of his days here on earth  with us, he never abandoned his belief in WHAT WAS RIGHT.
Perhaps it is time to re read the REAL Lord's Prayer, consider the goodness of the message of Peace, Love and Harmony yet never forget that this can only be achieved if people do not trespass against us.
download 2020 11 15T120551.674 
 At the moment, I must conclude that we have been trespassed against and we owe no debt to the leftie luvvies.
Like Redhead, my Dad sat in the early hours of dawn, in the darkest hour and prayed.
He used to tell me that his best thoughts came in those quiet times at dawn before the light. He sat in his chair engaging with the darkness of the seemingly endless night and would think his best thoughts.
His voice lives on in his music and his words when he sings from his heart. Thank goodness we have his recordings to salve our souls and hearts when we need him. 
We must never forget those who did not forget us and did not forget those basic lessons in life; the ones that said do NOT trespass against me; do not forget that we all all meet God one day, and never EVER forget, that our words are mighty and their message powerful. They are our words and our right to freely express without fear of being silenced by someone telling us that our belief in peace, love and harmony is no longer required.
When over a million people marched in peace love and harmony in Washington to declare their love for their President, it sends a strong message to the world.

download 2020 11 15T121113.388

No one is in debt to the leftist lunatics who seek to bully us, drown us out with their vitriol and cruelty. They have trespassed against us and we are not going to close our doors, pull our curtains and hide inside for fear of having an imaginary debt called in.
They trespassed against us. And after all, the Kingdom belongs to God, as does the Power and the Glory.
And Amen to that. 

download 2020 11 15T111513.005

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