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What a situation we are in , both here and New Zealand where farmers who have done their bit   by producing food and fruit   are having no one to help pick and  collect it.   Result  ... being ploughed back into the ground or left in the case of fruit to rot under the trees or bushes.  
 I can understand no foreign backpackers or seasonal pickers arriving because of the  Virus  restrictions.   But surely we have enough unemployed younger  and fit people who can join  with others to help harvest the  food  the hard working farmers have worked so hard to produce.
When a government decides that it is better to pay the unemployed young ones more than the Old Aged Pensioners no wonder they would rather sit on their lazy backsides and stay home with Mum and Dad than stir themselves into action and be productive for a change.   All recipients of the  Job Seeker  ..   another word for the dole... should be told get out and help or you will not get assistance.    The work is there the accommodation is there, the fun company of other young ones is there, what more could they ask for.   
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 Once upon a time it was called a working holiday.     Once upon a time  your kids couldn't wait to get a holiday job, picking strawberries, gathering melons, hay making  ,  helping out in a coffee shop or  McDonalds.   Money in their pockets to see them through the following year  when back at school.     Money towards their share of buying a much wanted guitar  , new football boots,   that special jacket that was so cool.   Washing cars , and helping in some neighbour's  garden was another of the money making holiday activities.   Kept the kids busy  and also  was the introduction of how hard you had to work to get that money.   Hence , they thought  twice before wasting it.
Hardworking Farmers versus Lazy Layabouts.
Which brings us back to the indulged young ones who have never had holiday jobs , never had to help pay for that  very special item they wanted.    In other words the value of money.     We are not doing them any favours , or has it come to the  situation where our Governments want a number of useless , lazy  layabouts with no ambition .   That way they have no brain other than to have their heads in the   smart phone their  parents have bought and when it comes to elections  just follow the main stream Leftie Luvie media  .
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We should be aiming for productive , bright intelligent  youngsters  , who are going to contribute something to our Nation not a number of useless,  lazy   people who will live on generous handouts all their lives.   Also it is not fair on the young ones who do get holiday jobs and learn early in life the value of money.   Why should their future taxes pay for the idle dodgers.
Finally I have to reiterate that it is so wrong that we have people  sitting at home doing nothing when  there is an urgent demand for assistance to gather food and fruit  which will not be available in the shops  and if the farmer can manage to stay afloat with no income this season  …    will he manage another crop  to supply  food for  next year?

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