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How the hell do we keep Shorten out?

I just did my postal vote for the forthcoming election on May 18th. All posted off and thankful to have it behind me.

It looks like an unrolled roll of toilet paper and probably most of the candidates deserve to be flushed down the toilet anyway. Or, at the rate the MSM are going, there won’t be many left to flush! It is ridiculous and almost a way of ensuring that people will be so bloody frustrated that they will vote above the line and shove some numbers in and get back to the sausage sizzle.

I am not joking. It is over a metre long and the names are a seemingly endless fog of parties, letters and, unless you have done your homework, almost impossible to fill out without resorting to an “ oh bugger it, that’ll do. “

But we have to do it if we want to keep Shorten OUT.

Seriously this Senate ballot paper is going to be a nightmare on the cardboard excuse for a desk in the polling booth.

I encourage all of you who have not been astute enough or fortunate enough to request a postal vote to do your homework and do it well.

I had an older neighbor come down to ask me to witness her signature for her postal vote and she said to me:

“ I received my postal voting papers in the mail and have sat down this morning and sorted out how I am going to vote.   There is no way anyone can fill in the bottom section of the paper in the Booth.   In the first place some of the Parties have very good ideas and aims,    they  have excellent candidates but you need to look them up on the computer.      Deciding  to vote either    Liberal, One Nation,  Labour in the Lower House was easy because all I wanted to do was keep Shorten out ; we have had our ears filled with all the information we need for that decision, .   but the Senate is a different ball game.     But it is also a very important one.   The form is so complex that most people will fill the top part in to the best of their ability but that isn't good enough.     Unless you have done your homework and taken a list of names and party preferences with you ,  it is the luck of the draw. “

And that is what the powers that be could be banking on.


Research your preferred parties. Research the candidates for each Party. Mark down your preferred candidates on a piece of paper to take with you. Also, take a massive flask of patience and make sure that you go to the toilet before the trip to the polling station.

By the time you run the gauntlet of Getup and the lefties luvvies ramming how to vote cards in your face, stand in line and finally make it to the cardboard booth, you will be crossing your legs and ready to sprint to the nearest ablution block … not just because of the wait but because the whole farce will have probably given you the runs……

For myself, my key candidates were from the Fraser Anning Party, Pauline’s ON ( Malcolm Roberts, not Stevie, even though he is on the ballot paper) , Cory’s Conservatives, Clive’s United Australia, ( yes, I did) Rise Up Australia, Katters Party, Shooters Fishers and Farmers, Love Australia or Leave and Rod Fox from Australian Better Families.

I looked at where the candidates hailed from. I wanted people from the bush and from regional Australia. There is too much power in Brisbane, in my opinion and I feel that we folk who live in the rest of Queensland need to get a strong voice.


Had Amanda Stoker been up for re election she would have had my vote. But thankfully we are blessed with her for 3 more years, as we are with Pauline and Matt Canavan.

For those of you in NSW, please vote below the line for Jim Molan, a true Patriot.

I do not pretend to be a political guru. Far from it. I just love my State, my country and my way of life. All of which I want to protect. Please take the time to research and make your vote count.

You only have one vote and by God, if there enough of us willing to work to use our vote wisely, then we may just make a difference. Please vote below the line.


Just vote for minor Parties and KEEP SHORTEN OUT.

save Jim Molan

AEC voting below the line



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