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The former Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, has been a busy boy lately. He has launched a petition calling for a royal commission into Rupert Murdoch's media empire ( which includes Sky News Australia ) after coming to the conclusion that News Corp was running a "protection racket" for the Coalition.

Now, we Aussies know that Sky is the home to Peta Credlin, Alan Jones, Rowan Dean, Mark Latham. Chris Kenny and Paul Murray. Not to mention one of my favourites, Gary Hardgraves. We also enjoy the insight of James Morrow, Rita Panahi and guests including the delightful Bronwyn Bishop ( who should have been our first Lady Prime Minister ) the magnificent Advance Australia  representative Liz Storer and dear John Ruddick. 

What a pack of bastards the left think these people are. Yet, to people like me, they are the link to sanity in my insane world that is Australia in the dystopian Mad Max World that is 2020. 

If I could not tune in to free to air Win TV and get my daily dose of common sense in this crazy world I seriously wonder if I could have coped with this year. These people have helped me through my darkest hours, my longest days and my deepest gut wrenching yearnings for the days that used to be.

Yet old mate Kevvie Rudd, who accepted their support way back in 2007, suddenly thinks that they are nasty horrible and altogether ( his words not mine ) " a cancer on democracy " 

So much so that he has started a petition to have them - in the vernacular of 2020, quarantined and locked down.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald  Mr Rudd, who courted and won News Corp’s support in the 2007 federal election, labelled the company a "cancer on democracy" and said the move was prompted by his "passion for the country's future".

Well, I have five words to say to that Mr Rudd: " PINK Batts and school halls. " 

Every now and again I come across a great thread on twitter which needs to be shared around. This one was very interesting.

I must add that this is provided for your general interest and in no way indicates that I agree with this information. Blah blah blah. 

General disclaimer. It wasn't me. It was the other three. 

So here it is. Make of it what you will. 

An archive for the future on a server ... just in case.

And these days, just in case is just around the corner.


Written by NINA

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