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Such is the world of 2020 where I feel I am living in the Twilight Zone.

In fact, America has its' fair share of strange places where the zombies come out and burn down cities and shine giant laser beams on houses and stand around outside banging bones together and chanting " Death, Death Death " until, when the sun rises, they stagger off to the underworld from which they came.

It never ceases to amaze me that we have accepted these strange goings on with such ease. In the Australian State of Victoria, people are living the life of Charlton Heston's " Omega Man " where they emerge at dawn and raid the supermarkets and toilet paper aisles before retreating into the safety of their homes at 9pm.

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In the old days of Horror movies, it was after dark that the monsters came out. These days, the monsters are out and about, drooling and chanting whenever and wherever they bloody want.

The monsters have started abandoning the inner cities and are spreading to the suburbs. Their ghoulish masked faces carry carefully crafted placards declaring that Black Lives Matter.

In Australia, they wear uniforms that do not belong to the recognised Police Officers: they are like enforcers from a Science Fiction novel or a medieval excecutioner. In America they wear the masks of anonymity and the shields of media and democrat protection.

Masks are convenient for bad people, aren't they?


canada - it is happening everywhere

This morning, I got up early, Aussie time, to go shopping. I wanted to get home in time for my Trump Therapy - his peaceful protest in Pennsylvannia. This necessitated being all done and dusted and home again by 9am, my time. I drove down to Redhead's place, did a bit of work on her computer ( she has a tricky finger which somehow manages to do extraordinary magic such as sort her emails back to front and turn the italics on, bold font on and any number of weird and wonderful clever tricks. )

We shot down to the local super market for a loaf of bread and, as always, came out with multiple bags of " goodies " that we did not know we needed or wanted until we saw them.

I abandoned Redhead and drove back to my place in time to settle down to my 90 minutes of Sanity - broadcast advertisement free and uncensored. Closed the doors to my home so that my neighbours would not hear me clapping and cheering and yelling " I love you! " along with the thousands of others who were doing it from half a world away.


What is it about this man that he has won the hearts of so many people from all around the world ? How the hell does he do it?

I rang Redhead after the Rally, as is my custom. I have a debrief where I summarise what this rally - sorry - peaceful protest - was about.

Today, I sensed a change of mood. Yes, President Trump laughed and joked as he always does, but it was serious. Very serious. He is letting people know that this is a fight almost to the death. The death, not only of America, but the death of Democracy throughout the free world.

I did not clap and applaud as much as I normally do. I was more nodding and thinking " you are right ". It was as though the gloves had come off and he acknowledged that he and the American voters were fighting for the survival of all of us.

Part of me felt a sense of fear. What if the election is stolen by the faceless ghouls who inhabit the underworld of political manipulation? The cabal of corruption and communist canker?

The other part of me felt that it would be impossible to prevent this man from winning when so many love him, support him and approve of his fight for freedom.

The question I have to ask is this:

Why is President Trump alone fighting this Communist takeover?

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Why have other leaders caved in to the leftist doctrine of what is essentially DOING WHAT THEY ARE TOLD?

The United Nations, the Paris Agreement, the whole mantra of self destruction? Why?

Have they already been bought? If so, what 30 pieces of silver have they been paid?

Because, like Judas, they will never get to ENJOY their reward. 

Do they honestly believe that they will get to live in heaven on earth by betrayal?

It doesn't work that way.

Are all the other so called Leaders merely puppets bought and sold by China?

Are we, as people, prepared to be traded like slaves?

Like Judas Goats we are being led to the slaughter.

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