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" Shaydee, everything we did, we did it for you . "  So said my Dad, a WW2 Veteran. What did he mean?  I guess he meant LOVE and HOME. Honour. Decency. Patriotism. Normality. 

If only these soyboy limp wristed, pink pussycat lesbians and idiot politicians could figure it out. Stop looking after your bloody jobs and start looking after the people who pay your salary each week. 

To understand what is happening across the globe in 2020, we need only look back in to history to see how society can change so quickly and why we must be vigilant in defending our Rights and basic Freedoms.

On August 15th 1945, Japan surrendered to the Allies and marks both a celebration and a day of sober reflection. It reminds us of the words of the late President Ronald Reagan: Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.

The Second World War raged for 5 long years and impacted almost every person who was on both sides of that Great Divide we call Politics. The legacy of that war is still with many of us, 75 years on. The good, the bad, the horrific and the indescribable. 

I cannot help but reflect on what lessons we should have taken from this 5 years of horror and use it to our benefit, not our detriment. In fact, if our young people today were taught the truth of history, perhaps we would see more common sense emerging in the tackling of this virus and other issues confronting us in 2020. Perhaps we may have handled it differently.

I had read a book - some years ago - The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society - and was amazed that I had not known about the occupation of the Channel islands of Guernsey until I read the book. Winston Churchill had made the tough decision to surrender the Channel Islands because he did not believe them to be of strategic value to the Allied War campaign.  In June 1940, the Nazi's invaded the islands and they immediately imposed a tough regime of curfew, censorship and restrictions on the local people. 

According to Historic UK 

" The Islands were the only British territory Hitler ever conquered, and locals had most of their lands, belongings, food and freedom taken away. Some were sent to prisons and camps, while others resisted with acts of protest and defiance between 1940 and 1945. From changing the clocks to reflect the time in Germany to restricting activities such a fishing, club meetings and the singing of patriotic songs, islanders had to abide by these newly imposed laws otherwise they would have been arrested, or even faced the risk of being deported. The mounting pressure on food and ration supplies resulted in the early release of prisoners, but the situation was becoming critical."  

sounding familiar?

Meanwhile, in London, people endured the relentless attacks during the Blitz.  

On the night of August 24, 1940, Luftwaffe bombers aiming for military targets on the outskirts of London drifted off course and instead dropped their bombs on the center of London destroying several homes and killing civilians. Amid the public outrage that followed, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, believing it was a deliberate attack, ordered Berlin to be bombed the next evening.

About 40 British bombers managed to reach Berlin and inflicted minimal property damage. However, the Germans were utterly stunned by the British air-attack on Hitler's capital. It was the first time bombs had ever fallen on Berlin. Making matters worse, they had been repeatedly assured by Luftwaffe Chief, Hermann Göring, that it could never happen. A second British bombing raid on the night of August 28/29 resulted in Germans killed on the ground. Two nights later, a third attack occurred.

German nerves were frayed. The Nazis were outraged. In a speech delivered on September 4, Hitler threatened, "...When the British Air Force drops two or three or four thousand kilograms of bombs, then we will in one night drop 150-, 230-, 300- or 400,000 kilograms. When they declare that they will increase their attacks on our cities, then we will raze their cities to the ground. We will stop the handiwork of those night air pirates, so help us God!"

Beginning on September 7, 1940, and for a total of 57 consecutive nights, London was bombed. "


The war in the South Pacific began when Japan, under Emperor Hirohito decided to launch an attack on Pearl Harbor. The Americans had no choice but to go from passive support to a declaration of War. And so it was on the 7th of December, 1941, that the United States entered the war.

download 2020 08 16T130629.215It took until 1942 for the American forces to turn the tide of the South Pacific

War at the Battle of Midway. 

In retrospect, Japan made a tactical error: it focused on bombing the fleet, not the fuel reserves or the infrastructure. It also underestimated the resolve of the American People.

Subsequent to the bombing at Pearl Harbor, so many armed service people from America, Australia, New Zealand and others perished. For what? To promote a political doctrine that promoted overtaking free people from other Nations? 

Is that not what war is all about? Vanquishing and subdjucating free people?


When President Truman issued that fateful order to let Enola Gay drop the first bomb, did he do it out of vengeance or some broader motive?  It is my personal opinion that he did it out of a desire to just end the carnage. There had been too much death, too much slaughter, sacrifice and misery. My personal opinion is that it was just to put an end to the 5 years of death. 

download 2020 08 16T130423.885

If some have to die in order to allow many more to live, then surely it was the right decision?

When Hitler and his minions decided to suppress some of the people in order to allow another group to reign in superiority, it was destined to fail. Though millions would die before his policy would be proved a travesty against humanity. 

So, I come back to what this has to do with us today in 2020 across the many countries and Nations across this planet we call our home.

You cannot Divide and Conquer. It may work in the short term, but at the end of the day, most people just want to get on with getting on.

We don't like confrontation. We do not like being TOLD WHAT TO DO

download 2020 08 16T131200

I am sitting here writing this at my desk and just above me are the wooden pagodas my Dad brought back from his stint in the occupying forces in Hiroshima in 1945. I  remember the old bugger saying to me " Shaydee, we did everything for you. All of you. "

Yes, you did Sir. And I am grateful.  And I do not want to let you down. 

If my Dad was alive today, he would NOT have wanted me or my children or grandchildren to die because of a virus, parasite, call it what you will. He would have wanted us to live with dignity and fight with honour and die for freedom.

As he did, all his life.

After all, he, like many millions of others,  fought the worst virus of all: Political Indoctrination.

Is this what it is really all about? Politics? 

In my opinion, yes. It has never been about a virus. 

It has always been about Politics.

And money. Of course.  Because money and politics always travel in tandem. 

What bastards we have in control. Only Trump is beyond this insidious greed that we call Politics. 








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