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When Tucker Carlson was here on his speaking tour, he talked about our love of our creatures and how surprised he was at this national pastime of loving our wildlife. 

His final speech on his amazing speaking tour was without a doubt the best I have heard in years. If this man is not part of the Trump government, then something is wrong. 

So here is my takeout and a few random thoughts as I listened to one of the best speeches heard in Australia for decades.  The video is at the bottom of the article and I urge you to watch it. You will be glad you did. This man is an American National treasure. 

At last a real connection between America and Australia. 

We need each other, more than ever. 

Tucker first spoke of our love of animals and then went on to other topics. But the theme was the same: Australians need to start loving Australia again and our government needs to quit with the guilt and get out of the way. 

We Australians live in a country full of dangerously venomous spiders, snakes, jellyfish, sharks and stonefish but, believe it or not, we are fiercely protective of our wildlife. 

Since I moved here, all those years ago from a country that has no snakes, only one venomous spider ( on an isolated beach in  place I have never visited ) I have adapted.  My original fear of Australia was bordering on bonkers. I was so afraid of getting into bed for fear that a snake might be there that I stripped the bed every night for a few years. 

Yet I love this country. For all of its rather strange and interesting beasties. Much like Americans who live in tornado alley or other places renowned for nature's fury, there is a certain pride in being AT ONE WITH NATURE.  Unlike our city cousins....... but getting back to Australia.... 

So what does Australia have that makes us so different when it comes to animals, reptiles and arthropods?



Much like we have learned to live with droughts, bushfires and floods. We are pretty good like that. Australians are resilient. We have this incredible ability to say " Oh, bugger it. Tomorrow is another day and be buggered what anyone says. "

We are very resilient. Very proud to have weathered so many rat plagues, storms, fires and whatever nature throws at us. yet we are being defeated by a government that has found the secret weapon: that of the invasive species. 

Our country is being over run by migrants. A million in 2 years. Now, that doesn't sound so bad until you think that we only had a population of 25 million. Oh, I know, people look at Australia and see the map.and wonder why how population is so low.  It is because most of our Nation is a vast barren space devoid of water and fiercely hot.   


And chocker block with some of the nastiest nasties on the planet. 

I hate to think what the immigration experts would make of it. 

Yet they keep bringing in more migrants to a nation that is struggling with water supply and electricity supply and housing supply. A nation that is crumbling because of Fabian ideology and I just have to wonder if they actually care. A Nation that should, as Tucker said, be thriving. At the top of the the world. Rich in coal, gas, uranium and other resources. All things we are not " allowed " to use but are freely exported to other countries. 

All for the greater good? Really? 

Is our government destroying a nation that was founded on Christian ethics and a responsibility to care for the animals and the weak and the mild, only to replace it with a populace that sacrifices animals, starves its own and leaves us poor ? 

We are seeing our koala habitats destroyed by renewable energy. Yes, we are seeing our koala populations destroyed. We are seeing whales migration routes destroyed - by off shore wind farms. 


Come on. We are constantly told to apologise for being Australians. If there was any population in the world that has demonstrated its ability to live in a diverse world, it is Australia. 

We share this space with our wildlife.  We shoo the snake outside. We rescue the joey from the pouch of the roo that bit the bullet on the highway and we raise it as our own. 

The magpies are a pain in spring when they swoop on us - on the golf course eor delivering the mail. 

Everyone in Australia has probably been stung by a jellyfish at least once in their lives. In fact, going swimming in a river can be a dangerous affair if it is in the north: too many crocs. And don't get me started on shark attacks that don't mind a bit of a munch on an unsuspecting surfer out to catch a wave before work. 

The strange thing is that most of us are very proud of our stinging, biting, swooping and swarming critters. It is as if we are genuinely proud of them. Apart from the ones in parliament house of course. We are not too flash where they are concerned. 

We are also not too fond of the imported critters like " cane toads "  and other invasive creatures that decimate our local populations. The species that seeks to poison us and destroy our country. 


Tucker spoke about how we need to only recruit migrants who love animals.

I really liked that concept. We have said over and over again here that you can judge a man by the way he treats animals. 

We, as a small community here on patriotrealm but I can say, hand on heart, that we love animals and we love our country. 

It is also fair to say that we hate the " Welcome to Country " ceremonies because we do not need to be welcomed to our OWN country. Australians built it. Australians have sweat equity. Built up over generations and Australians laboured for generations. 

Tucker was and is right. 

We are the most potentially self sufficient nation on earth. Yet our governments REFUSE to let us thrive. Why? Because they importing cane toads. 

I believe we need to stop importing " cane toads." I really do. Invasive species destroy the native species and take over the land. They spread. Yet here we are, losing our koala habitats, our migrating whales, our beautiful dolphins and our other native species, the AUSTRALIAN

Surely we have a responsibility to love ourselves as much as we love our animals?  

And, more importantly, elect a government who does. 


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