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Our WEF-captured Australian Government is attempting to use the device of "violent men" to impose “age-assurance technologies” to surveil and censor, and to remove all anonymity from the internet.

"I will walk with women across Australia to say enough is enough," Albanese said on social media platform X. "Violence against women is an epidemic. We must do better." - Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, 27 April, 2024

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There is no current “epidemic of gender violence against women” in Australia. Furthermore, there is no objectively verifiable “national crisis” of “male domestic violence,” and certainly no “national emergency.” All such alarmist rhetoric has been specifically crafted to manipulate, program, and to justify a government reaction — a falsehood laced with agenda. Such hyperbolic messaging is being cunningly deployed to justify the preplanned censorship of the internet: “male violence has an online component.” By constantly conflating the the idea of “male violence” with “epidemic,” Albanese is deliberately invoking the notion that men, and their behaviour attitudes, are akin to a social contagion, a disease, a male-specific sickness that can be combatted by political countermeasures, and corrected by a cure: censorship.

Statistically, despite the alleged recent uptick, “the rate of female intimate partner homicide is still the third-lowest in the more than 30 years since such records began.1 Since 1989, the rate of women killed by their partners has decreased by 66%. There is no “epidemic.” To emphatically proclaim otherwise, is categorically nonfactual, hysterical, and merely a political ploy for political ends: a useful lie.

The polarising subject of “male violence against women” is yet another trite cultural-Marxist script. It is always the same tactic: divide and conquer. Once again, the Leftist ideologues are applying their usual interplay of Oppressor (men) and the Oppressed (women) to further divide the genders, and to demoralise and demonise masculinity.

Indeed, a concerted effort by the Ruling Class has been made (over multiple generations) to establish a Western society of emasculated, distracted and depressed males. Men have been socially-engineered to relinquish the role of husband and father, and to forsake what it means to become a self-actualised man. Many spiral ever-downwards as they pursue endorphin-inducing escapisms of gambling, video games, alcoholism, drugs and pornography. By virtue of their XY chromosomes, males are told that they are all guilty components of the predatory Patriarchy — and that they are all to blame for everything deemed blameworthy. All men. Thus, the contorted wreckage of generations of crashed-men lie heaped across the landscape of suburbia — a real crisis.

Ironically, both sexes are always victims of such toxic ideology. Strong men, and traditional nuclear families provide a societal bulwark against the machinations and depredations of tyrannical governments. Weak men, and broken families, will readily capitulate to all unfavourable assaults on civil liberty — for such men have ceased to be valued as protectors, and have nothing to protect.

Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”2

The ruling billionaire banker class, the Globalist Corporatocracy, want only weak men.

The death of 27 women this year allegedly at the hand of an intimate partner (11 more than this time last year)3 should never have been declared a “national crisis.”4 It is nothing more than a series of individual tragedies, amidst the multitude of potential tragedies that may beset anyone, and everyone, in any given moment. People die, often horrifically, perhaps preventably after the fact, sometimes suddenly, at their own hand, and at the hand of others of varying grips over time, or in explosive moments — and the loved ones remain to question, deny, punish and mourn.

This is plight of all souls briefly sojourning in mortal bodies: the inevitable cruelties of a transient life.

There will always be violent men, and there will always be violent women, there will always be victims, and there will always be perpetrators — and there will always be societal and economic pressures that catalyse such malevolent and pathological behaviour. This is the inseparable inhuman component of the human condition. The reasons for domestic homicide are often nuanced and manifold, but often it can be simply stated: some people are just born evil, sometimes evil is born into people.

All this is a timeless human tragedy, but it is not a “national crisis.”5

Those motivated to partake in the nationwide, “What Were You Wearing?” (WWYW) rallies against male violence, did so sincerely — many bereaved, fearful, and subjectively justified in their individual lamentation and shared victimhood. The personal grievances of the attendees, speakers and organisers are not to be trivialised, and are deserving of expression. However, such grievances were deliberately exploited to justify a preplanned agenda. Our Federal Government is attempting to weaponise the device of “male violence” to advance the their next phase of online censorship.

The 17-nationwide rallies were organised by an Indigenous-led Not-for-profit, (a recipient of generous government-directed taxpayer’s money) and were undoubtedly approved to allow the Albanese Government to react publicly, and to virtuously signal actionable solutions. These rallies were Federally-funded, and Federally-sanctioned, and the Federal Government eventually got what it paid for — an opportunity.

The weekend rallies culminated in a much publicised moment outside of Parliament House (“Do you want me to speak or not? I'm the Prime Minister.”)6, where Albanese addressed a jeering crowd who were reacting to the distraught organiser who had just called him a liar. He spoke regardless, and told the attendees that:

“…society and Australia must do better… We need to change the culture and we need to change attitudes. We need to change the legal system. It’s not enough to support victims. We need to focus on the perpetrators, focus on prevention.

In the aftermath, a National Cabinet meeting was convened, and a series of pre-scripted measures were proposed and promptly adopted.

A $925-million “Leaving Violence Program” will be permanently established over five years, providing “payments of $5000 to people fleeing domestic and family violence,” and “offering referral services, risk assessment, and safety planning.” There is nothing to criticise about the allocation of such funds (as stated), howbeit, couched within the commendable measures, is a truly nefarious proposal: $6.5 million to pilot “age-assurance technologies” to “better protect children online and reduce their exposure to harmful content” (pornography, violence and misogyny).7

Extreme online content, AI-Deep Fake abuse and access to pornography, and misogynistic social media influencers are suddenly a threat. Indeed, no child should be exposed to pornography and misogyny, but this piloting of “age-assurance technology” has nothing to do with “protecting children” and “reducing online harms.”

Thus, the true crisis is less apparent. Our entirely-captured Federal Government, at the behest of the World Economic Forum, is slyly attempting to capitalise on this exaggerated “male violence” to implement their undesirable solution: Digital ID.

“Labor will spend $6.5 million on a pilot program that would force people to prove their age, likely through the use of electronic “tokens” that may also be required for alcohol delivery services and gambling sites.
The opposition has for months called for age verification for social media sites, which were not captured in Labor’s announcement but could be examined in the upcoming trial.
The eSafety Commissioner in August recommended the government trial age assurance technology.
“The commissioner’s recommendation, and the pleas of children’s and women’s safety advocates, are finally being acted on. In the future, age verification will be the linchpin in protecting children online,” Coleman said.

A number of different technologies can be used to determine people’s age online. The governments of France, Germany, the UK and some US states are all considering forms of age verification.

Apps that can scan a person’s face and guess their age are offered by some companies. Other systems ask a person to submit images of their ID.

The eSafety Commissioner recommended a system that used an electronic token granted by a trusted private provider, subject to government regulation, once a person’s age is proven.

In its research, the commissioner found a large proportion of young people accessed porn on social media sites rather than porn-specific sites, raising questions about the efficacy of porn-only age restrictions.”

The sole purpose of “age-assurance technology” is to sequentially impose a mandatory Digital ID upon every Australian.

Such technology is a synonym for Digital ID.

A Digital ID will be a prerequisite to gain access to the internet — without it, you will remain offline.

All Australian children will be forced to submit their biometric data (face scan, palm/finger prints, iris scan, DNA etc) to be granted a unique Digital ID that will enable them to safely navigate cyberspace, and then this will be imposed on everyone. It will effectively remove online anonymity, and will conveniently allow AI-policing to track, profile, censor and punish “misinformation and disinformation” accordingly.

A Digital ID is a precursor to enabling corollary technologies that will support a Digital Wallet, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and the allotment of Universal Basic Income (UBI) — that will be calculated by a CCP-styled Social Credit Score system that will reflect your online opinions and behaviour: an incentive for obedience.

A Digital ID solves the hydra-headed problem of policing “Misinformation and Disinformation.” If Elon Musk is willing to defy Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, and refuse to take down “raw, unedited graphic footage” of the conveniently livestreamed stabbing attack by a 16-year-old boy on Assyrian Orthodox Bishop, Mar Mari Emmanuel — there is a Plan B. Or, perhaps, Plan B, was always Plan A, but it simply required a precedent to expedite and justify.

Plan B would bypass intransigent Big Tech entirely, and would effectively filter and censor all “misinformation and disinformation” (and flagged content) at the immediate point of access. If certain content is not approved by the eSafety Commission for your geotagged Digital ID access — it will never be seen to begin with. There will be no maligned “Misinformation and Disinformation,” no free internet, no free speech, and no inconvenient truth that might counter and expose the propagandistic narratives of those that seek to control humanity.

To the utter exasperation of libertarians and concerned citizens everywhere, the Digital ID Bill was endorsed by the Senate Committee in early April,10 and will now be voted upon in the House of Representatives. They have spent $782-million on developing Digital ID so far,11 and they absolutely intend on passing it into law — should it pass uncontested, it will be the technocratic lynchpin that enables the digital-enslavement of all Australians.

A true verifiable “national crisis” might be the active democide12 that has resulted from the mandated vaccination period that has caused a 6% increase in excess deaths in 2023 (after 14% increase in 2022!);13 or the vaccine-induced “near-record low fertility rate,”14 combined with a crushing cost-of-living crisis, and destructive immigration policies designed to fragment Australian society, obliterate the economy and erode the middle class. The OECD revealed that Australian households had suffered the largest fall in living standards of any advanced economy in the last year. If there were truly an “epidemic of domestic violence,” then surely these concomitant crises would be directly responsible, and all have been deliberately engineered by our government to further degrade the welfare and hope of all Australians.

The Federal Government does not wish to help anyone. It neither has genuine empathy, nor any desire to protect woman and children, or to keep any Australian free from harm — the mandated bioweapons rollout is a testimony to how little they regard freedom, and human life. What constitutes the illusion of our “national leadership” is merely a regional command outpost for the Transnational Corporatocracy — and our government ONLY works to advance the agendas of the Corporatocracy, as they actively work against the interests of Australians.

The Transnational Corporatocracy wants every Australian citizen to have a compulsory Digital ID, so our Federal Government will spend a billion virtuous dollars on bamboozling Australians with a “Leaving Violence Program” that truly has one primary objective: installing Digital ID, and achieving the censorship of the entire internet.

Without a Digital ID there can be no technocratic enslavement, no “Great Reset,” no “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and no Transhumanist trampling of the human soul into a perverse Metaverse.

It should be apparent that “age-assurance technology” to counter “male violence” is how they hope to achieve this reality: complete control of all online information; complete control of all Australians.

And that is why it is imperative that we do everything we can to reject it!

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