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Our Flags are under attack. They are being trampled into the ground, burned, stomped on and treated with such contempt that it breaks the hearts of many and fills others with joy and triumph.

How much can a Flag take? How much will a Leader accept when this horrific denigration of National Pride is being defecated on , peed upon and treated with such dishonour?  How are our Leaders allowing this destruction of Patriotic commitment to everything that we hold dear, this symbol of who WE ARE AS NATIONS to be so ground in to the dirt and defiled?

It is not something that is restricted to one country or one flag. It is a world wide phenomenom. Everywhere, people from the left are burning our Flags and chanting that they wish to see the destruction of our Governments, Laws and ways of life.

I cannot help but think of the men who stormed the beaches at Normandy, liberated the prisoners at Belsen or fought in the South Pacific or the deserts of Africa. The men who froze to death defending our Flags, the symbols of our Nation's commitment to FREEDOM - to witness this DESECRATION of our FLAGS is abhorrent to me.

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Our Flag is not just a piece of cloth, created to depict stars, stripes, or a Union Jack with the Southern Cross. It is the capture of the SPIRIT of our Nations , our very history and heart and soul. It is the ultimate meme, in today's vernacular.

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When I consider the things being done to our Flags around the world, I can only think that, by attacking the Flag, the Left are attacking our National Pride. Our sense of Self. Our sense of Unity. Our sense of Patriotism. Each time a Flag is burned it is a whip of a lash that seeks to weaken our resolve.

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How easy it is for them to burn, mock, deride and condemn a piece of cloth  - after all, what harm are they doing? It is just a piece of cloth.

Like burning a book.  Just pieces of paper. Like banning words. Like banning twitter accounts or facebook accounts. What harm are THEY doing?

Ban some symbols, denigrate a few flags... who cares?


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I care because banning things is the beginning of the end.

When Laws protect the few and punish the silent majority, we have a problem.

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When innocent people in Melbourne are locked down yet drug users are free to go to " injecting rooms " we have a problem.

When people cannot go out to demonstrate against lockdown but can freely demonstrate against Police, we have a problem.

When Police are ordered to arrest and or fine people for standing up for Freedom, we have a problem.

When our Flags, around the world, are being burned and spat on, we have a problem.

This is the War we never saw coming. This is the End Game. 2020 is when China, Marxism, Communism, Soros and all the minions who have sold their soul for 30 pieces of silver have played their trump card.

My only wish is that their trump card becomes our TRUMP card. 


For me, I still salute my Flag, kneel to my God and defend my RIGHT to tell the Flag haters, pedophiles, anti normality followers of disunity and anarchy that I am not putting up with it.

This hatred is a virus is in itself.

I actually would go up against the Chinese Virus before the Virus that is China.....

It matters not which is worse. Both are infecting us. Both are hell bent on defeating us.

In the meantime, the Virus that is Islam is sitting back, waiting to duke it out with China. 

All I can say to our World leaders  is PLEASE support our Flags and stop supporting those who hate our Flags. 

We are in a wealth of trouble.  Morrison is hopeless. Ardern is a Socialist. Biden is a puppet holding the spot for the real candidate. 

If Trump loses you can kiss freedom Goodbye. Throughout the world. 

Between them all, they are far more dangerous than Covid-19. It would be a frightening war between Islam and China. 

No matter who wins, we will be the losers. 


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