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I have just finished reading about the  rape in Germany of a 13 year old and following quickly on the heels of that,  the same man raped an 11 year old girl.   This  man,  an Afghan Named Zubyr S.   was not considered a risk and managed the viscious  deed a second time.

Every day you read of these rapes all around the world.  This seems to be  common practice for some of the Immigrants  or should I say so called refugees  that we have encouraged into our more law abiding Countries.

I am not for one moment saying that rapes have not occurred  in the past, but certainly not on a scale that we read about now.   Sweden for instance , rape and murder of   girls  has been going on there almost constantly for years. They were very liberal with the  housing of the refugees.   UK , USA, most of Europe  it is  an every day happening.   What are we as a people doing about it?   Almost nothing except reporting it.

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We have to get tough and make these barbaric creatures ( I will not call them men )   realize they are going to lose something  too.  These girls will have been traumatized probably for the rest of their lives.   How do you think the parents of these victims feel.   The rapist nine times out of ten is given a rap over the knuckles and told it is your culture that has made/allowed you do such a " naughty thing."  

Can you imagine !!!!    These poor little girls still in Primary school and have had this terrible thing done to them.

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We have lost all hope of having Western Civilizations if we do not come down hard on the rape of our children and the rape of our cultural decency.

I have the cure...  castration for the first offence and then if  they still try and abuse in any way at all young  girls then they forfeit their lives.    Simple.   Problem solved.   I don't think the thought of their precious private parts being interfered with  would go down too well with any  man  who commits rape.   But if I was a betting person I would say that   would solve the problem once and for all.   After they  had  been castrated and then a spell in prison  I think any one who had thoughts in that direction would think again.

If not, offer them a choice.   Castration and prison or immediate deportation to their country of origin.   Or better still castration, deportation and save the expense of feeding these  outcasts.

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This does not solve the problem of rape within our Indigenous communities.   We cannot deport them.   So leave them to Community Justice.   

It is so awful to think that innocent lives are being destroyed everyday in all places around the world by monsters who say they are men.

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They are not men.   They are mentally insane. 

 How do REAL MEN feel when they hear of this sort of thing?   How do law abiding caring and wonderful men feel about these creatures who are defiling their honour as decent men? No wonder men feel frightened to even say a word or hold a hand these days. 

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My late husband would have had something to say about this.    It would be along these lines. 

There should be no exception , you rape  ..  you get castrated.    Then imprisonment , I have a feeling that the other prisoners would give them a run for their money too.    A taste of their own medicine  as the saying goes.
 I have always thought that if the " Powers that Be"  had a young daughter , niece, wife , or their Mother  a victim of this, , they would soon sort the problem!

We just need a Government who would take this Crime very seriously and do something about it.

This multi cultural experiment is over.  Or it should be. When this sort of thing happens,   we need to say no. 

Are we as a people going to still be reading of these terrible deeds  for the next decade , and still be treating " them" ,  the  perpetrators with kid gloves.     Or are we going to get tough and stop them once and for all of such cruel and  unforgettable  behavior ,  because if we don't then little girls will forever be easy victims for these vicious creatures.     My answer is .. one positive action that will solve the problem.   Castration.  

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If we cannot stomach that then maybe we should throw the towel in now and agree that we have become a world where there are no men and no women   just cowards who hide behind excuses and bad Government because as long as it doesn’t happen to us   it is easier to pretend it is not happening.

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It is happening.   Right here.   Right now.


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