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Ahh, the days when Australia was a Nation of larrakins and bushies. When Steve Irwin and his “ Crikey! “ were a nod to the beauty of the Australia that we grew up in and still hold dear.

I have been heading down Memory Lane a lot these days because it is a laneway that seems a " safe  place ", a happy place and one where things like the Chinese Virus, lockdowns, facemasks, censorship and Political Correctness existed in George Orwell's books or in Communist countries. 

When faced with the choice between Highway to Hell or the familiar terrain of nostalgia, I will choose Memory Lane any day of the week.

So I wonder how many of you fellow Australians realised how well off we were? As the saying goes " you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone " 

I was brought up watching shows like the Leyland Brothers when they explored the bush and took us to places we could only dream about. Paul Hogan, the bloke from the Sydney Harbour Bridge who took the world by storm as Crocodile Dundee.

When our very own embarrassing Uncle, Sir Les Paterson, Cultural Attache for Australia, slurped, dripped, spat and burped his way to fame throughout the globe.

Who could forget our wonderful First Lady of Australia, Dame Edna Everidge, who spread the love of Gladioli’s, lamingtons and possums across the planet? And yes, I did read her autobiography where she lamented being the only agapanthus in the sandpit when she was a child.

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We fell in love with Johnny Young’s “ Young Talent Time “ and delighted as little Danni and Kylie strutted their stuff.

And we sat out on our patios and watched the lightening crack over cane fields and declared, as we raised a stubbie to our lips “ Yep. This is Australia. “

We cried as we heard of the destruction of Darwin in ’74 when Cyclone Tracy devastated our northern most city. And we cheered as Alan Bond brought the America Cup to the land downunder.

We watched movies with Chips Rafferty, sang along with Slim Dusty and cried with the Sullivan Family when their boys went off to war. We wept when Molly died in “ A Country Practice “

We barracked for the Wallabies and said “ you beauty! “ when Alan Border was clean bowled on Whitehaven Beach – by a well endowed young female whose bikini top fell and he was momentarily distracted.

Australia Day was celebrated in backyards, parks and paddocks all around the Nation with a game of cricket, a barbie and a few too many tinnies.

Christmas dinner was eaten in the heat and humidity and we put up Christmas trees with fake snow and wilted while we slapped the mossies and heard the zap as the bug buster kicked in to action.

The whole Nation ground to a halt to watch “ The Castle “ and Darryl Kerrigan took his fight for his home to the High Court. We all wanted a pool room. 


Our postcards showed pretty young ladies basking in the sun and our young men drove Monaros and Kingswoods.

Ted Bullpitt was a household name and the “ wog “ son in law was simply someone we took the mickey out of.


Our Nation was built on the sheep’s back so what the hell has happened?

We have become a Nation of frightened, politically correct sheep. We dare not have a laugh, a beer, a burger or a gas guzzling “ Drifter “ panel van.


How can we do this to our country, our heritage and ourselves as Australians?

Our great Nation of Australia was built on the sheep’s back but it was also built on the back of hard yakka. Hard work. We have never been a Nation of lazy bastards.

Thank God we can still crank our ads like the Tradie underwear ads. 


TRADIE No Bounce Underwear TV Commercial - Featuring Nick Honey Badger' Cummins. The Most Australian Advert Ever Featuring the Most Aussie Undies Ever. 30s.

Why is it that we now have a country that wants to eat tofu instead of steak; ban anything and anyone who dares to celebrate Australia Day; censor our words when we have always been a Nation that speaks it’s mind… why?

We are a Nation of immigrants. All so very fortunate to call Australia home. 

But with our latest migrant wave and social “ re calibration “ we have become a Nation of wimps, spineless and gutless sychophants who bow to Islam and kow tow to China.

For myself, I am an Aussie. I swear. I drink and I swat mosquitoes. I play backyard cricket and have been known, on occasion to burp, fart and take the mickey.

I miss Steve Irwin.

the late and great steve irwinimage from australia1

What I have NOT been known to do is suck it up to leftie idiots who want to CHANGE MY COUNTRY.

If they don’t like Australia, then bugger off.

Here in Aussie, we stand by our mates when they're in a jam.

We are True Blue.


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