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Our elected Government Representatives are defying our wishes and importing terrorists. They are importing people who are bleeding our tax payer funded social security. Our Government is destroying our culture, our Religious foundation and our rights to speak freely and go shopping without being frightened of being shot, blown up or our throats cut with a knife.

Our homes are being invaded. Our rights are being invaded. Our culture is being invaded. Our liberties are being invaded. Our judicial system is being invaded. Our history is being destroyed and our language is being stolen. If you want to know who the stolen generation is in 2018, it is the many generations of Australians who have fought and slogged their guts out to create an Australia for which many of us were very proud. Stolen, yes, stolen, by our Government of whichever side is in power at the time.

Our voting system, with preferential voting, leaves our votes open to barter. Our education system has been manipulated so that children are now accepting homosexuality and sexual deviancy as part of normality.

Our high regard and respect for our right to Citizenship is being denigrated in to a free for all, based on who can tell the biggest sob story and garner as many followers on social media so as to overturn Law.

The backbone of our Nation, the farming industry is being crucified by green and left wing propogandists who will not allow controlled burns, not allow cattle grazing in National Parks and wish to cull our herds in order to push their gloibalist agenda of climate change.

Our drought weary Nation cannot be drought proofed because it is not politically correct. No dams, no water access….

The banks are stealing, yes, stealing people's farms because they are no longer worth what they were. Why have they diminished in value? Because of laws that make it virtually impossible for people on the land to work their land responsibly, efficiently and with COMMON SENSE.

It is theft by stealth.

Banks lend us " money " which no longer is tied to gold. When people are forced to default, the bank seizes the asset. For default on pieces of paper, people lose the most valuable asset in this country... property. Land. That is how they are stealing this Nation.

And our Government is doing nothing to stop it.

Our citizens are homeless so that we can house economic migrants. Our suburbs are being taken over by economic migrants. Our religions, education and language traditions are being taken over by economic migrants.

Our public broadcaster has abandoned the true blue, aussie, larrakin in favour of a knife wielding, bomb making, abuse hurling economic migrant who is distorting and destroying our way of life and our Nation and our Government is letting them do it.

I abhor both major parties. They disgust me.

Our media is censored and most people are so busy worrying about their next café latte or their gym membership that they no longer see or care about the total destruction of their National identity.

When little boys dress as little girls and little girls dress as little boys and gender is being banned from birth certificates; when going in to a public bathroom is no longer a " safe place "; when being a wee child cannot protect you from " cultural differences " and you can be raped and mutilated in Australia ; when it is not safe to walk down a street in certain suburbs because you are not Islamic; when going shopping could mean a terrorist attack ; when you cannot speak freely without fear of being charged if your view is not in accordance with the leftist or moslem doctrine; when our Veterans and other citizens sleep on the streets and economic migrants are tucked up safely in bed in tax payer funded housing; when our elderly and vulnerable cannot afford heating or cooling because coal is bad; when Merry Christmas is offensive but Halloween is OK; when we have a merry go round of Prime Ministers, none of whom we like or admire, get shunted, shafted and moved about like checkers on a checker board; when women weep because they lost a baby yet applaud when a woman aborts a " fetus " ; when television advertising promotes white women with black husbands and inter racial children; when the vegemite song is sung with an American accent; when a moslem owned horse wins the Melbourne Cup; when being a Jew is cursed and regarded with contempt; when our Prime Minister tries to be someone he is not in order to gain votes; when the Government taxes cigarettes yet encourages Government funded legal opioid addiction through Doctor prescribed treatments; when our food is important from China and contaminated; when our fish is exported and we have to eat imported seafood from Thai farms full of filth; when our cattle re slaughtered inhumanely in order to cater to the moslems; when our animals are live exported in cruel and horrific conditions to taken to be slaughtered in the most atrocious conditions imaginable; when we are left with no hope of change or positivity for a future that we find palatable.... when all this is happening, one wonders what the hell we are doing living? Because we re not living, we are existing. And, if we get depressed, we can look forward to a Julia Gillard led Beyond Blue consultation.

I will be voting One Nation or Conservatives, depending upon who fields a candidate in my electorate. I will be placing Labor, Libs and Green at the bottom. Not that it will make any difference of course. Preferences will trade my vote.

This is the lowest point in Australian Political, Judicial and Moral history. I see no way out of this tail spin.

The more our once great Nation gravitates to China and Indonesia; the more we alienate America; the more we see our rights eroded, the less likelihood of Australia recovering becomes.

Morrison is, I fear, the last nail in our collective coffin. Get out you burkas, prayer mats and korans. We are stuffed.


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