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from Pepperpete. Thank you. 

The slave mentality is still very much among us. A class of people have emerged who believe that they only have to put in minimal work effort while expecting the ‘master’ (government) to take care of them. As more and more people become addicted to entitlements, they become more apathetic and less likely to work for what they need. 

The mentality of the Slave is actually enslaving them and they are embracing their slavery through ideology.

Those with the ‘modern’ slave mentality do not simply want something for nothing, they expect it and, they expect the government, to provide. This explains why entitlements have grown at an alarming rate in recent years and why such people have no problem with a big government, in fact they want big government.

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Big Government means big rewards for little people who never lift a finger to contribute. All they do is take.

By contrast, those opposed to big government and actively work to sustain themselves, relish freedom and truly understand the price of freedom, in sweat and risk. They realize freedom encourages personal initiative to invent, innovate, discover, write, and create. And for this they are prepared to take on the risk. They may either be a success or, a failure but, they relish the opportunity to at least try.


Personal endeavour is discouraged by BIG GOVERNMENT and personal failure is saluted and applauded.

The slave mentality class (socialists) can’t grasp this, and avoid the responsibility, preferring government take all the risk instead. For the modern slave mentality to flourish, government needs to grow and become more invasive in the lives of people. Entitlements are the hallmark of modern slaves, something they believe that they deserve, as opposed to something they earn. Something the government should provide. It is also the foundation of socialism.

 prime minister jacinda ardern

They actually think that they are achieving progress and they do not realise that they are achieving slavery, in another form.

The codes by which slavery flourishes today are implemented by the Big Brother corporations who control the socialist media, and cleverly manipulate people’s sense of right and wrong, thereby defining how we should think and act.

As George Orwell correctly observed,

“The people will believe what the media tells them they believe.”

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The rapid adoption of PC codes is a clear example of the socialist media pushing the leftist agenda onto most Western liberal governments. It won’t stop there.

No. It won’t stop there. It actually starts HERE.

So, what exactly is the modern slave mentality?

A person who is willing to become subservient to the government in exchange for basic creature comforts as opposed to earning it themselves?


The slave unknowingly remains a prisoner and is not truly free. In reality, he/she does not want to understand freedom, nor do they want it. They only want their entitlements, because freedom requires hard work, risk, and responsibility, elements which they have been conditioned to avoid.

That’s the slavery of socialism.

Welcome to today’s brave new world.

A world of Me, only it is really about THEM.

I won't lick any body's boots. Why should you? I am NOT A SLAVE.

My name is Pepperpete and I am no one's slave.  

thanks to Tim Bryce for the inspiration. 


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