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Tearing down the monuments built on the slave’s backs – you’d better get a bigger truck.

If we were to raze everything to the ground that rose up from the yoke of slavery, we would have little left standing, save some cheap housing and a few shopfronts.

You could kiss the pyramids goodbye – the ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Aztecs were hardly equal opportunity employers.

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And your local neighbourhood mosque would be a casualty – after all, the prophet Mohammed managed to own quite a few and even had a number of sex slaves so the mosques will have to join the pyramids and get pulled down.

The slave labour in Britain in the form of child labour was instrumental in the creation of wealth in mining and manufacturing. Factories and mines flourished because children were cheap and expendable.


Many of the Victorian buildings including schools, guild halls, hospitals, public parks, theatres and public buildings were built using dollars donated by slave owners who made their money from the African slave trade but channelled the profits into public philanthropy. So the wrecking balls need to come out and pretty much destroy every public building in Britain that was erected in the 1800’s.

What next?

Most early buildings in Australia were built by convict labour – aka slave labour – so we’d better get ready to remove many of our early roads, bridges, courthouses, hospitals and public buildings from the convict era.

download 2020 06 18T104611.029 

built on convict labour - Tasmania

I tell you what – it will be a major public works project to fund all of this destruction! Mind you, it could be a real boost during the wuflu hoohaa; pulling down and re-erecting all this will keep us busy for decades, if not centuries.

Let’s hope our comrades in the Chinese Communist Party have their cheque books out because we will need their deep pockets to fund the dismantling of Australia. Still, it will be a comfort to know that the new construction is not funded by convict slaves sent off from Britain, but by the modern day slaves in Chinese reeducation camps.

 download 2020 06 18T104738.191

Because, like it or not, every time we buy anything from China, we are helping support slave labour. Oh, am I not allowed to say that? I will rephrase it… my apologies… everytime we buy something made in China, we are supporting the educational facilities set up in Chinese government funded educational facilities for criminals, muslims or political dissidents who have lost their way.

That’s better. I am not really that excited about being detained and sent to a reeducation facility anytime soon.

download 2020 06 18T104851.892

To be fair, I am already a slave. A slave to Political Correctness, censorship and modern Anti discrimination laws, anti gun laws, taxation laws, twitter and facebook ‘ policies ‘ and the myriad of other laws, policies and social recommendations that dictate my behaviour and the things I can and cannot do.

I can no longer travel where I want, eat what I want, go where I want , in fact do anything at all I want to do because it might endanger my life or the life of others.

Am I not a slave to this current modern life?

 download 2020 06 18T105450.791

So, if I am to understand this correctly, the left want us to tear down anything to do with slavery. Therefore, get rid of any building over 100 years old; any building erected in the name of a religion founded upon slavery; anything at all that was funded by slavery and any law based on slavery.

If so, we had better throw our solar panels in the landfill, our wind turbines in to landfill, our computers, iphones, modems and most of our buildings into rubble.

Our governments had better start recruiting trainee blacksmiths, wheelwrights and smoke signal experts because – if you remove slave labour from our societies, then everything manufactured in China will have to go.



Bottom line; if it is Made in China, it is made on the backs of slave labour.

Instead of toppling a statue , how about topple THE tyrant?

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