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As night falls on our freedoms,  we have a narrow window of opportunity to set things right. But the window is closing. Unless and until we get the grownups back in charge, western civilisation is over. Communism will come in, under the guise of Socialism. If that happens, the tantrum throwing leftie luvvies won’t know what has struck them.

The solution lies with getting the " kids " back doing the dishes , letting the adults do their job of running the show yes, it is about Lemon Trees.

When I was a youngster, my mother and father took care of me and my siblings. They were in charge. In exchange, I was provided with 3 meals a day, a sound education, a warm and clean home to live in, a comfortable and safe bed to sleep in and someone who looked after me when I was sick or injured.

It was a fair deal.

Once, our Mother told us all to do the dishes and she went and sat outside under the lemon tree to read a book while we three kids – along with Dad – washed the dishes and cleaned up after dinner. We all got angry with Dad and blamed him because “ she “ was outside “ doing nothing! “. Dad told us that until we could buy our own groceries and buy our own house, we would do as we were told. He reminded us that she had worked hard all day to provide a safe and happy home for us. In short, stop moaning and do the dishes.


As I grew older, I was cast upon the world to make my own decisions. I made a success of things and a complete mess of things, not necessarily in equal proportions.

I became a parent and quickly learned that parenthood and being “the boss” was both a blessing and a curse.

Being the boss is hard work. It requires being unpopular and making tough decisions. Saying “ No “ is not easy sometimes. But it needs to be said, nonetheless.


Political events, inconsistent governmental control and laws are stifling our voices and our actions. There has been a dramatic shift in the way things work. Youngsters are being encouraged to parrot the latest in on trend mantras and adults are increasingly being censored. The parental role is being overshadowed by MSM, Activists and Civil Libertarians.

In short, the kids want to sit under the lemon tree despite having not lifted a finger all day.

Is the death of the Family Unit to blame for this great divide? Where only those that have the stability of an old fashioned traditional family unit and family values can accept rules that were made to protect us?


When I reflect upon how very quickly we have descended into complete insanity, I wonder if we can get out of this as quickly?

While China, Soros funded Antifa, leftist activists and our own Politicians are cheering on the rabid dogs of Anarchy, how do we put things right again?

My Mum and Dad, like so very many others around the world, worked hard. They earned the right to sit under the lemon tree in the early evening while the next generation picked up a dish cloth and cleared the table.

Tragically, and frighteningly, so many people today would never plant the lemon tree in the first place, never get to enjoy its shade and gentle perfume in the breeze and never let it grow to maturity before chopping it down in a mad fit of hysterical tantrum.

They will never know the love and respect that can be gained from planting a healthy seed and watching it grow.


They will never experience the joy of achieving something worthwhile.

All this mob of haters and troublemaking, permanently and perpetually outraged bludgers know is how to hate, destroy and loathe.

We need to get the grownups back in charge and get these tantrum throwing lazy little sexually confused, ill educated, brainwashed spoiled brats back in the kitchen; give them some chores and tell them the truth:

That they will be going to bed without any supper if they don’t pull their weight, do as they are told and stop being an embarrassment to themselves and to others.

 antifa plan nationwide protests 750x445

Because they WILL go without supper if they don’t stop this carnage and, to be honest, if it carries on much longer, they won’t even have a bed to sleep in. Let alone a home.

Don't criticise our Leaders for having a day off or holding a Bible. They work hard to look after us. They deserve a day off in the sun or on the golf course. Or spending an hour under the lemon tree. 

It is time to tell these people in Government and in MSM and in their basements that the grownups are back in charge. 

And mean it. 

It is time for the tantrums to stop and the insanity to stop. It is time to say

" NO ".


Our lives depend upon it. 




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