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We all know the fear of the axe. Older people remember well chopping wood ready for winter and the hard work it takes to chop the firewood that fuels the fire that keeps us warm in the long winter months.

We never needed to be told to be careful. We just knew. It was instinctive.

Some years ago, I watched a short video of a kid with an axe. It took me a few goes before I could watch it. I held back from the screen; I retreated and felt so horrified at what I was seeing that I could not bear to watch any more.

Eventually, I bit the bullet and watched through the entire 2 minutes. And it took a hell of a lot of courage to do so.

It made me cringe, draw breath and gasp. It was awful Yet, nothing in it was awful. It was my anticipation of what was coming that frightened me. I feared what would happen next.


And it was OK.

Sound familiar?

Our problem is that our Governments no longer trusts us with an axe.

But they love to scare the hell out of us with the Axe

And I sure as hell don’t trust them with the axe.

People are getting angry about being told that we are too dumb, too stupid, too irresponsible to be ALLOWED to be responsible for our own well being.

What gets me is, not that we are no longer trusted with an axe, but that we are no longer even trusted with a wooden spoon. And we are giving our Governments control over the axe…… yet it is still our feet on the chopping block.

Apparently, our judgment is so poor that we need our parents – read GOVERNMENTS – to look after us.

Apparently, we are naughty children who may get sick if we don’t do as we are told.

We are no longer trusted with the simple task of making decisions about our own lives, our well being and our futures.

Governments are given sobering responsibility and power: to decide, on our behalf, what needs to be done in times of calm and times of chaos.

But we are not children. And even children aren’t stupid. Bring them up right and they will instinctively know how to stay safe.

Kids know, as long as they are brought up “ proper “  To know that certain rules apply. It is up to parents to teach children the “ rules” – it is not up to some daycare provider to imbue commonsense and how to wield an axe.

Between Governments and mini Governments, we are surrendering entire generations to never ever under any circumstance ever wield an axe.

It could be too frightening and the child could end up in therapy at $200 an hour.

Never exercise strength, never ever take a risk. Never take your shoes off and never, ever, trust in yourself.

Yet why not be that little boy? Sure, you will get knocked out every now and again.

But hell, if you live in fear of what could go wrong, you will never ever experience life in all of its raw and brutal brilliance.

Can we not simply be careful with the axe and go out and chop some wood, live life and take some risks?

Far better to have the odd  setback than sitting back wrapped in cotton wool and being too frightened to ever do anything?

This Chinese Flu was being hailed as a coffin flu. A virus that was so horrific it would decimate our populations around the planet. Our Governments panicked, locked us down and sent our economies into meltdown.

Our lives were changed overnight and we are now living – no, EXISTING, in a twilight zone that is not hell, but more a half way house that promises us a New World – and one that largely is not to our liking.

Our lives are on the line and our Governments are making decisions on our behalf that may or may not be to our liking.

I would like to suggest that you should be careful with that axe, Governments.

You see, we know how to handle an axe. We may be barefoot in some countries – devoid of the ability to defend ourselves with guns – but I can tell you this: We may be barefoot but we do have an Axe.

Our Axe is our Vote.

Be Careful with that Axe – you only get one chop at the log and it had better be a good one.

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