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Some time ago, Missy wrote about her experience at a prison in the 90’s. How some people went from friend to foe in a matter of hours.  How, once some people’s inner bully is released, it never goes back to slumber mode.

The Police around the world – not all and I stress that – have risen to this opportunity to unleash that part of their nature that enjoys subjugating their fellows and relishes an opportunity to laud power of the powerless. Where peers become victims and those that they should protect become prey.

Throughout the world, Police have been instructed to ENFORCE Social Distancing.

Some have done so respectfully and with a sense of duty to do so within the bounds of what is reasonable. Others have become bullies and have risen to the challenge with a zealous of a Nazi Prison Guard in a Concentration Camp.


No, I am not exaggerating.

This fervour of heavy handed and over the top suppression of the Free Will of fellow Citizens has become a National shame to all of us. These so called Law Enforcement Officers have become, in too many cases, Officers of Enforcement with little emphasis on the Law.

These Lockdown Laws have become unpalatable and we have seen the rise in the use of a word little used for centuries: draconian. Old mate Draco, back in the 7th Century BC was a cruel and despotic bloke who ruled with such ferocity that all feared him.

Yes, the Genie is out of the bottle. My question is this: How do we put the Genie back in the Bottle?

Some State Premiers and, in the case of USA, Governors, are relishing their new found power. They have realised that our Federal Leaders – Prime Ministers or President, have little Power to over ride their Draconian impositions.


Likewise, the Law Enforcement Officers have been unleashed on a fearful public to suppress free will and subdue any form of non conformity.

I urge you to read Missy’s piece on this horrific experiment carried out in Queensland over 20 years ago.

From Little Things, Big Things Grow.

I jokingly wrote on twitter this morning that my writer Shaydee witnessed two little girls hugging on their first day back at school.

“ My writer witnessed many children defying social distancing rules this very morning. 5 or 6 year olds. Arrest them! Lock them up! “ I tweeted.

Yes, it was tongue in cheek. But written with such concern and honesty because, quite frankly, when a Police State is born, how do you abort it? How do you kill off the beast that has been created? The people that are prepared to enforce it?

police state

I knew someone years ago who told me that, as a surfer, he lived to ride a wave. Once the time was right, he would, having waited patiently, see that the moment was right. He would catch that wave – mind you, the timing had to be perfect – and he would catch it. Ride it. Rule that wave. Used its energy to make him more powerful. When he triumphed, all he wanted to do was to go back, paddle out, wait and do it again. And again. He craved the Power that wave gave him.


Well, we have created these Power Hungry Monsters and I am fearful that they have the adrenalin rush and they are not going to ever go back in their Bottle.

Our Prime Ministers and President Trump are facing a Battle of Epic proportions.

The only way I can see that they can put the Genie back in the bottle is through the one thing they have control over: Money.


Yes, the waves will continue to roll in on our beaches. Yes, the Surfers will be sitting out there waiting to find that perfect wave.

Yes, the mixed metaphor is obvious in this article.  But one thing remains true. Like my Mother has always said : whoever controls the purse strings has control over the family.

We MUST put the genie back in the Bottle and do it fast. Starve it. Or it will win.

Am I as a writer becoming too careful to write what I feel because the Genie IS out of the Bottle?

Yes. And isn’t that a worry for us all?



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