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John Steinbeck wrote a book back in the 1960’s about when a man is discontent about something that is so important to him, he changes into a different man,    looks at things differently,    says new words. 

We have entered that winter of discontent.

We in the South of the World are awaiting the approach of Winter  whereas you folk  in the Northern hemisphere are supposedly waiting for the warmer weather of spring and summer.   I wonder how many people in South Dakota believe in Climate Change at the moment?    Coldest for many years.  I have just listened to a list of places that have had the coldest temperature for many years.

What do we do … we look after ourselves we take an extra vitamin,   we be careful not to mix with too many people.   If we are not concerned whether we get it or not we just carry on as per normal.   That means going to work, going to the library , having a meal out, getting a hair trim ,a massage for tired muscles   all the everyday things one does to enjoy life and living.   


What has happened now?    We are told Do Not  leave the house unless it is absolutely necessary .   Fined if you are  caught disobeying the list of orders.    Life did not come to a standstill when the Polio  was the problem.   People still went about their business , we just protected the children  and closed the schools.     The Country's economy was not put in jeopardy,  people left jobless and queues waiting  to join up on the dole .  What a dreadful situation   for  people of all these different  countries  to be placed including our own.    

Is there something more threatening around the corner  they are not telling us about or are they trying to see how far they can push people before they rebel.   Now that this Easter weekend is over there will be rebellion .     Domestic violence will rear its ugly head , it already has in Mexico.  I read as well,  one of the European countries had had a 25% increase in Domestic violence and it won't only be one country.   Close contact with one another with no outside  activities except go for a walk or a bike ride will soon  lose its appeal .   Kids will get bored and tempers will flair.  Mothers will try and calm things down and both.   Men are used to  a routine, work , family , mates and a sport.   Take those away and what have you got ? 



Women too, they are at a loss as well.    Kids too, they are at a loss. Why?   Because some inhuman Chinese people run "Wet Markets" and keep our precious animals in filthy cruel conditions  that have caused this Virus and we have to  change our way of life.    Or so we are told.   These markets have been accepted by the rest of the world, we know they are  wrong yet we trade with these inhuman people  .  Get back to looking after ourselves and tell them to change their ideas and attitudes.   In other words become civilized human beings.

I pray to God to end this horrible way of life at the moment and help us get back to some normality , enjoy our sports, enjoy sitting on the beach, swimming in the warm water,  playing with the kids in the  sand.     Going off to work on Monday morning, waving to  the kids getting on the school bus.   Shopping and chatting to our friends , having a birthday party .   Even that has been denied our little ones and our not so little ones.     I will walk the dog later on this afternoon ,  but of course I will be good and not join any group and  get too close to anyone.       Oh what joy!

I watched this video of a man talking about a Bible and it was a very special Bible.


I want my Life back.   We are entering winter down under and people are entering summer in America and Europe.

Sometimes I think we are all entering winter and it is going to be a long and cold winter of miscontent.

If our Governments do not let us bask in the summer sun and enjoy the warmth of the outdoors and the joy of each other’s company,   are we going to be slaves to a forever winter…. All because they say it is for our own good. 

"When a condition or a problem becomes too great, humans have the protection of not thinking about it. But it goes inward and minces up with a lot of other things already there and what comes out is discontent and uneasiness, guilt and a compulsion to get something -anything - before it is all gone."

But we have to think about it.   We really do.

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