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Australia is probably the Jewel in the Crown as far as the world is concerned. A rich Continent and - man - it is rich.

Australia is one of the only - if not the only - Nations  in the world that is capable of self sufficiency.

Think about that my friends. Think about that.

Yes, Australia can make a Nuclear Bomb, a lithium battery, a wind turbine, a bridge, a building, ANYTHING.

Only ... we don't.

Yes, that is right,. We can do anything but we don’t. We don't even have Nuclear Power. We are closing down our Coal Fired Power Stations. We have some of the most expensive electricity in the world. Our prime Agricultural Land is starved of water because, even in a drought, the water flows passed and on into the ocean. 

Our water is owned by Private Enterprise. We have sold our farms to China.  In short, we export everything to China and THEY send it back to us with a value added price tag.

Australia has EVERYTHING that the world needs. Get that?  We are the Jewel in a Crown… a bounteous continent that is open for plunder by China. And plunder it they do. 

As far as I am concerned, we need to close the gates and tell the Wuflu Warriors to bugger off.

What the hell is wrong with our Government? Bringing freight to Australia from Wuhan?  Night after night?

I cannot believe the insanity that is going on right now.  WE are locked down but CHINA, the place that this plague came from, is now sending us freight and who knows what else and we are supposed to be alright with this?

CHINA GAVE US this monster and now we are supposed to be grateful for their help? Their generosity? No. No. And a thousand times No.

CHINA infected us, shared their gift that keeps on giving and we are supposed to feel grateful that they are sending us masks and heath supplies of dubious quality?

I don’t trust them as far as I could throw them. For me, I wouldn’t touch a Wuhan mask with a ten foot barge pole. And, right now, a ten foot barge pole is my measure with physical distancing.

This nonsense of “ social distancing “ annoys me.  

This is NOT about social distancing. It should be called physical distancing. The term Social Distancing is very dangerous in my opinion because, due to the need for “ physical “ distancing, we have become socially isolated and the Social distancing is becoming Socially acceptable. 

People can socially engage from a physical distance. 

Are we being told to disengage with each other  when, in actual fact, this is really all about us becoming used to disengagement?  Accepting isolation from each other and now, being punished for following our natural human instincts: to socially engage.

You see, the minute that “ Social Distancing “ came in to play, we lost our contact. We lost our unity, our sense of belonging. Our Place in our Community. 

Over the Easter period, we have been fined and punished for being human. I saw a video of a man being hauled off a bus by a group of thugs dressed in Police uniforms. His crime? Being on a bus without wearing a mask. In a State where it is not mandatory to wear a mask.

We saw a couple get a visit from the Thought Police because they had posted holidays snaps on their social media page… only the photos were from LAST Easter.

A lone jogger on a beach being pursued by a cop for not following the rules.

Yet we as a People are watching others from other cultures have a wedding with 30 guests while the rest of us can only have 3 guests.


Our Rights and Civil Liberties being taken while others carry on as normal.

Well the old saying “ The Natives are getting restless “ is becoming more true every day.

We are losing our trust in each other. Neighbours dobbing neighbours, Police fining someone for backyard cricket... we suspect ulterior motives in everything and everyone. 

Will we ever trust again? Probably not.

But the BIGGEST loss in this is our need of a cuddle, a hug, a place of comfort. That time when all is crashing down and someone puts their arms around you, embraces you and says “ it’s OK “

Meanwhile, Australia is being plundered, China is laughing and we all need a hug and a cuddle.

I doubt we will get a cuddle or hug from China.

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