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Australians are being asked to approve a permanent change to our
constitution. This change is racist in intent and divisive in effect. 

No humans evolved here in Australia - our ancestors all came from somewhere
else. The literal meaning of "indigenous" is "born here", so most of us are
indigenous. To try to divide indigenous Australians on the basis of skin
colour or length of ancestry is more about politics than justice or good
government. We are all Australians and we should never contemplate
constitutional changes that promote and solidify racial division.

I am voting "No" because this proposal is going in the wrong direction and
is serving other agendas. 

There are many reasons to vote NO:

1.    No humans evolved in Australia - the pioneers all came from somewhere
else, usually on things that floated. And rock art in the Kimberlies and
other relics tell us that the current aboriginals were not the first humans
to occupy this land. 

2.    Despite having "native title" to far more land per head of population
than all other Australians, tribal aboriginals often live in degraded
communal enclaves with poor community protection especially for women and
children. They need individual freehold titles not communal title.

3.    We need to question closely anything promoted so strongly by their
ABC, QANTAS plus big banks, big business, big miners, the bureaucracy, the
ALP/Green/Teal coalition and the Communist Party.

4.    Political power should not be granted to one race of Australians -
Australia is now home to Aboriginals, Islanders, English, Scottish, Irish,
Welsh, Dutch, Italian, German, Scandinavians, Melanesians, Greek, Kiwis,
Afghans and Africans, plus other Europeans, Asians, and Africans. Most have
made permanent homes here. All who embrace Australian citizenship should be
treated equally before the law.

5.    This Voice proposal would make a permanent racial division in
Australia. But how will the favoured race be continually identified? Will
the chosen people or the more recent "invaders" need to be tattooed? Or will
DNA evidence be needed to prove racial identity?

6.    People identifying as Aboriginals already have more representation in
Parliament than their numbers would justify. They already have several

7.    Huge government departments and billions of dollars are already
representing aboriginal interests, but their conditions do not improve. 

8.    We have noted how some Australians are already being banned from
certain tourist spots, private landowners feel threatened by the relentless
advance of "Native Title", and explorers find Sacred sites and Rainbow
Serpents appearing on promising mineral discoveries and along infrastructure
sites and routes.

9.    We are continually annoyed to be "welcomed" to every big event by
people stomping around in red nappies, blowing smoke and making drainpipe
noises. Most of these ceremonies are modern inventions. We do not need to be
welcomed to our own country.
10. We note with annoyance that place names are being changed suddenly and without warning or consultation. Imagine what is in store for names like Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Cooktown. Or King George Square? And what about the nation of "Australia" that was created in 1901? Already the red and black flag is being flown next to the Australian Flag. Next the statues will start to fall. 11. Their ABC has managed to alienate every bit of land as "land of the XXX People". That has just alienated the rest of us. 12. There never was "an aboriginal nation" - just many tribes each subject to unwritten tribal law. Will the Voice be called to adjudicate tribal disputes? 13. We are already seeing certain books that report inconvenient history or anthropological records are disappearing from public libraries. Will the Voice be deciding what we are allowed to read? 14. "The Voice" would soon be clamouring for treaties, reparations and seizure of more lands. However, Aboriginals would not get individual freehold titles - just communal ownership where some elders control everything. Property owned by everyone is cared for by no one. 15. The most recent aboriginal migrants brought their dogs (dingoes) to Australia. They are now protected in many areas. But our horses, donkeys, sheep, cattle, camels and buffalo are "ferals" to be eliminated. 16. Giving a special "Voice" to people of a certain skin colour or genetic history will just promote everlasting division and hatred. It aims to separate and give special privileges to certain people and their descendants forever. 17. We must VOTE NO.
Further Reading: Roy Morgan reported on Likely Legal Complications: "Retired judge Terence Cole, KC has warned of the Uluru Statement from the Heart's implications for modern Australia. This includes the prospect of future reparations and major changes to Australia's legal system. Cole concludes that Australians need to understand that if the Voice referendum succeeds, some will use it to support the demands for recognition of co-existing sovereignty, a Makarrata commission designed to produce a treaty, monetary compensation for past events, and a rewriting of Australian history. Whatever may have occurred in the past, all Australians now live in a democracy. Central to that concept is that each person has one vote, and they are free to make representations or advocate for such policies as they regard as desirable. Cole concludes that it is not clear why either race or length of forebears occupation should constitute grounds for confirming an additional right to have a further Voice to the parliament or government." We already have a Voice:
<> See Kamahl being bullied because he changed his mind as he learned more: "Are We Indigenes Yet?" <> The first Aboriginal "Voice" in the Australian Parliament was Senator Neville Bonner elected in 1971. There are now eleven of them which is an over-representation of Voices. Why do we need another Voice, and who will decide what it says? < tary_Library/pubs/rp/rp1718/Quick_Guides/IndigenousParliamentarians> ary_Library/pubs/rp/rp1718/Quick_Guides/IndigenousParliamentarians Some 85,000 people have recently "identified" as aboriginal. Maybe we should all enrol here? < e-of-being-black/> -of-being-black/ It is all about Power and requires re-writing of history: < s-was-always-will-be-about-power/> -was-always-will-be-about-power/ They already have a voice: "The National Indigenous Australians Agency". Revenue from Government: $268M Employee Benefits: $163M < ans-agency/reporting-year/2021-22-32> ns-agency/reporting-year/2021-22-32 What is it all about? <> Alan Jones on Indigenous Activists:
Aboriginal Woman Kerry White says "NO":
What is this Referendum about?:
The Hatred from some Voice advocates:

The Push Back against Voice Vilification:
Captain James Cook - the Great Invader?
Uluru Statement - One page or 26 pages?
John Anderson on the Voice and the Constitution: How to Fool the Experts:
The Voice? "I'm Over it". <> Geoffrey Blainey on the Voice: <> Paying for the Land you are on:
The Voice - all about Power:
<> One More Indigenous Voice?: <> Viv Forbes Washpool Qld 4306 Australia Viv Forbes has spent much of a long life working in the North Australian outback in grazing and mining activities. He has employed aboriginal assistants, has inspected aboriginal stone tools and cave paintings, and has been involved in legal matters involving native title claimants.



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