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Blame Exxon for the dead children of Turkey, eh? It’s not the corrupt building codes, the crustal plates, or the solar magnetic field.  Climate change sets off earthquakes, you know.

A High Priest Ecologist has read the chicken entrails and prophesies that things will get worse. Your car creates earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis — unless it’s an EV. It’s hard to satirize this, it’s too stupid.

Climate change is triggering more earthquakes. Big Oil’s interests are a factor

By Prof İbrahim Özdemir, UN advisor, Euronews

It’s not just earthquakes — it’s tsunamis and volcanoes too:

We do not know for sure what triggered this horrific natural disaster, but we do know there is growing scientific evidence that climate change increases the risk of such tremors, together with tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.

Here comes Occult Science:

“If a fault is primed or ready to rupture, all that is needed is the pressure of a handshake to set if off […] Environmental changes associated with rapid and accelerating climate breakdown could easily do the job,” professor of geophysics and climate hazards at University College London Bill McGuire pointed out back in 2012.

If a fault is “primed to rupture” and the pressure of shaking hands will set it off, then presumably semi-trailers in Turkey are a no-no. I mean, if the Big One wasn’t set off by climate change at 4.17am, then it would have been by the Ford F-Max at 4:18. Do these professors even read what they write?

And biblical hellfire will reign:

Furthermore, NASA scientists acknowledged that glaciers retreating due to global warming have been triggering earthquakes in Alaska in the last decades.

The impact is not limited to the Arctic. As melting glaciers change the distribution of weight across the Earth’s crust, the resulting “glacial isostatic adjustment” drives changes in plate tectonics that could lead to more earthquakes, awaken volcanoes and even affect the movement of the Earth’s axis.

Melting gigatons of ice might well affect crust plate tectonics, but solar activity is much more likely to be melting the ice, not the air-conditioners of Sydney, or the hair-dryers of London —  in which case all the carbon credits in the world won’t stop a single seismic event. The effort to shield us with windmills will look like necromancers shouting at the breeze.

And occult science flows straight into tribal hate

Everything fossil fuel companies do is a crime against humanity. They are the “evil spirits” of the climate cult. A google search for “climate activists launch law suits” gets 3 million results. But when fossil fuel companies target 150 environmental activists it’s proof that they run the world:

A series of investigations and legal proceedings over the years have shown how fossil fuel giants call the shots: they use and abuse the rule of law to escape accountability for environmental pollution, resource-grabbing and cronyism. Those objecting are often silenced.

Just over the last decade, fossil fuel companies in the United States have targeted over 150 environmental activists with lawsuits.

Oh woe is us, say the purveyors of nonsense. They can’t persuade the world to follow their soothsayers, so they feel silenced and victimized if they can’t turn off the taps on major gas pipelines instead:

Meanwhile, dozens of US states are in the process of enacting “critical infrastructure” legislation, increasing criminal penalties against activists protesting pipelines that will wreck the planet.

Professor İbrahim Özdemir is shamelessly exploiting the deaths in Turkey to promote his own career

Here is his byline:

Professor İbrahim Özdemir is a UN advisor and an ecologist teaching at Üsküdar University. He has served as Director-General at the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish Ministry of Education and was a leading member in drafting the Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change endorsed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNFCCC.

He is selling his own snake oil.

This article originally appeared at JoNova Republished with permission


  • Joanne Nova

    A prize-winning science graduate in molecular biology. She has given keynotes about the medical revolution, gene technology and aging at conferences. She hosted a children’s TV series on Channel Nine, and has done over 200 radio interviews, many on the Australian ABC. She was formerly an associate lecturer in Science Communication at the ANU. She’s author of The Skeptics Handbook which has been translated into 15 languages. Each day 5,000 people read

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