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Memorial Day, a day of remembrance and gratitude, holds a significant place in the hearts of millions around the world. Observed on the last Monday in May, this solemn occasion honors the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the armed forces.

Beyond the barbecues and sales, Memorial Day serves as a poignant reminder of the price of freedom and the immeasurable debt we owe to those who fought to safeguard it. 

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It’s always appropriate to show honor and appreciation to members of the military, but I offer this reminder to my readers: we’re not celebrating Veteran’s Day, we’re celebrating Memorial Day. This is the day we remember the high cost of freedom.

Memorial Day 2023 is a time to come together in reverence to commemorate the Honored Dead. We commiserate with the Gold Star families, old and new, who have paid the ultimate price to ensure that liberty in America endures.

As Americans, it’s important to acknowledge the high cost of freedom and the sacrifices made by the men and women in uniform who died to defend liberty. Civil society only survives in a world of violence and tyranny when there are those willing to do violence on our behalf.

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Dilipuma Dhamarrandji, a tribal Aboriginal woman from Elcho Island in North East Arnhem Land delivers her conclusion.

English is not our first language and we live very traditional lives in a modern world.

We already have Aboriginal people elected to Parliament to represent us… but they don’t.

Federal funding allocated to people like me doesn’t reach us. We never see a politician until election time, they come with promises and lies, get our vote then disappear.

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“We are fueling a proxy war in Ukraine in order to defend freedom, such as the freedom to censor dissenting views on our proxy war in Ukraine.”

— Aron Maté

How long do we have to wait before Volodymyr Zelensky opens a disco in Boca Raton? That’s one of the questions raised by the secret CIA documents leaked last week, supposedly by a 21-year-old National Guard airman in Massachusetts named Jack Teixeira. Since that’s about the lowliest rank in the whole US military, you have to wonder how Jack got his mitts on all that embarrassing info, and what it says about the Pentagon’s command structure and its relations with the Intel “Community.”

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107 years ago, on February 21, 1916 at 7:15am, the battle of Verdun began and became one of the longest, one of the bloodiest and one of the fiercest battles of the First World War for the French and German armies.

To achieve his aim Falkenhayn needed to target a part of the French front where strategic necessity and national pride combined. The ancient fortress city of Verdun on the River Meuse was just such a place.
At 4 am on 21 February 1916 the battle began, with a massive artillery bombardment and a steady advance by troops of the German Fifth Army under Crown Prince Wilhelm.

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Magic happens everywhere and goodness, wonder and delight can be found alive and well throughout the world. All we need do is look to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, for the joy in the simplicity of delight to be found in such timeless heroes.

Fairies are part of my Manx heritage so it is not be be treated lightly that you have my assurance that the Tooth Fairies are still flying around the world doing a great job. They tell me that the Easter Bunny is also ready for a bumper Easter Egg day. But they asked me to remind the children to brush their teeth and not get carried away with too many goodies from the Bunny basket.


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Western media have erased from history all the western provocations which led to the war in Ukraine, they only report pro-western narratives, they hide Ukrainian casualties and ignore the Nord Stream pipeline bombing, then they tell you to worry about foreign propaganda.

Every now and then I like to highlight the fact that all this China stuff was forcast way back in 2004 by Michael Parenti, who said that the unipolarist neoconservative ideology that had hijacked US foreign policy envisioned a massive strategic confrontation with Beijing.

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“What makes the difference between a gang and a state is the belief that there is a difference between a gang and a state.”

Jakub Bożydar Wiśniewski

Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon usually attributed to a person or persons who have been taken hostage by one or more people, and during the span of time held hostage, becomes sympathetic and attached to his captor to such an extent as to form a bond or devotion to the perpetrator.

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Blame Exxon for the dead children of Turkey, eh? It’s not the corrupt building codes, the crustal plates, or the solar magnetic field.  Climate change sets off earthquakes, you know.

A High Priest Ecologist has read the chicken entrails and prophesies that things will get worse. Your car creates earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis — unless it’s an EV. It’s hard to satirize this, it’s too stupid.

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The works of the British playwright were among those reportedly included in a list of ‘key texts’ read by white nationalists.

Several of the UK’s most respected television shows, movies and works of literature have been included in a list of works that could potentially encourage far-right sympathies, compiled by the taxpayer-funded and government-led ‘Prevent’ counter-terrorism programme, according to the Daily Mail.

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The other day, I told a friend of my surprise at how 22 percent of Americans are very worried their children would die or be severely harmed by the coronavirus if they caught it, while the data tell us the risk for a child is in fact minuscule. My friend said he wasn‘t that surprised, for, as he put it, parents worry about their children. We went on to discuss this risk in the context of other possible harms, and in the end agreed this wasn‘t really the proper reaction; children were more likely to die in a car crash, or even just by falling out of bed or down the stairs at home.

But why did my friend initially react the way he did? 

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