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One day we are going to look back on this situation and say " where did we go wrong" and we will say with one resounding voice " China "

I have to say that Islam is getting a fair swerve right now. No worries in that direction. Despite the fact that they are still having weddings and doing what they want because they, apparently, live, under a different law system within our country. But we know that Islam is a no go area in Australia.

One of the most beloved young ladies in Australia, Miss Bindi Irwin, got married and it was a small and private ceremony. No problem if you are Moslem. Go for it. Are we truly One Australia? 

Or have we become an island continent of divided People's, divided States, divided ideals, divided ethnicity and our Federal Government is going to bankrupt itself trying to sort the mess out.

To be honest, each State - whose Premier's  vehemently denied all responsibility when the bushfires ravaged and still deny any responsibility where the drought is concerned - now claim sole responsibility for the control of a disaster in the making created by the docking of ONE ship, many Universities PAYING CHINESE STUDENTS to come back to Australia - and now they are declaring rules and regulations on a State by State basis? Come on.

You blamed the Federal Government in the drought. You blamed the Federal Government in the bushfires. You DEMANDED the Federal Government PAY for the problems yet you accept no responsibility as States?

Is this a joke?

Now, you want the Federal Government to - again - accept liability - for YOUR errors, your mistakes and then get them to pick up the tab? And, might I add, expect them to pick up the pieces when you are wrong? For years to come?


Never ever have I been so angry as I am right now. 

I am witnessing a Nation I love melt down in to fragmented portions called States and if they bugger up, they will call the Federal Government to account.

Perhaps if our children had been taught the Constitution, they might understand why this is a party in a brewery and the drunks are in charge.

How will the Federal Government survive this?

We will have bankrupt States all heading off in their own directions and, if, when, it goes belly up, they will all DEMAND Federal help.  Except there will be no Federal help.

The way we are going, our Federal Government will be bereft of Funds, our States will be dosh deplete and we will have to cry to China to rescue us.

As always, this is just my opinion. But I can tell you, from where I am sitting, Australia needs to wake up and decide: are we Australian or Chinese?

That is the question.

I fear that Australia is divided. 

It is time to unite and unite as one. Not as States or as ethnic groups or sexes or groups of minority. Just ask yourself ONE question:

Are you Australian?

If you are, put Statehood, ethnicity, sex or eating habits aside and become one People.

This is a very serious war we are fighting and this is merely one battle.

 Because, right now, this situation is dangerous. 

We will bankrupt the country if the States keep fighting the Federal Government. 

It truly is that bad. 









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