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What are we achieving ?    The planes are still bringing in people who should have returned weeks ago.  They knew they were on count down.  Our borders should have closed and stayed closed to everyone. The mere fact that planes are landing bringing in hundreds of returning  residents ,  all over the  country is subjecting some people to risk.  

Whether it be the baggage handlers, the staff on the plane, the customs officials, then the Coach drivers taking them to the smart Hotel .   I feel for the Hotel staff, the owners may be making money out of this  venture but I wonder how the general populace  will feel about  staying in those rooms after all this is over.   I have a feeling that those Hotels will be given a very wide berth.     Hotel staff in particular will be hoping that they  stay safe from contamination.      I can imagine how the family of such workers must feel,  am I safe today , will I be   safe tomorrow.    

We have with eyes wide open allowed our Government personnel   to sell properties , Hospitals, big Cattle stations  and even a 99 year lease on Darwin Port to the Chinese.   I thought it was a policy not to encourage overseas buyers into  owning  parts of our country.   But there was obviously a loop hole .  Now look at the mess we are in.   Water rights owned by the Chinese, farming interests in some cases owned by the Chinese.   

I had better stop there it will all become too upsetting to   wonder how we are going to escape from this terrible situation.   Will the Government solve this problem or will we become strangers in our own Country.   


I have just read that New Zealand has a third of its  Country owned by the same overseas people.   How much of Australia is foreign owned  , or is it so much they are  afraid to inform us .   Are they now wondering how on earth they can undo the wrong they have allowed to happen.

How long are  our people going to be confined to home, allowed to walk on their own or with  a partner or take the children for a breath of fresh air.   Walk the dog , push the baby around in the push chair.     No walks in the distant parks or even go to Bondi beach.   Or any other popular beach , it is hot and the water is lovely  , the sun is shining  but the barriers are up.     What could be  healthier  , salty ocean  air , diving into the salt water , sun which is supposed to not be liked by the virus and a  temperature over 25 degrees which is also a horror to the  nasty "bug".

We still have nice sunny days  why can't we make the most of it before Winter comes.     We are quite happy not to have party gatherings but as long as we take care and keep clean surely we are  adult enough to be trusted.


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