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I watched a video of a couple of little kids wrestling. It disturbed me. Deeply.


Something has gone rotten with our world and I do not like the stench.

 There was a time when life was kind and decent. Boys were boys and girls were girls and men defended women and took care of their female friends or family members. 

Today, I saw a video clip that disturbed me.

Here it is. 

 Perhaps I am old fashioned. Silly. Stuck in the past.

Here was a little girl, wrestling a little boy and the audience - no doubt including parents - cheered and hooted and thought that it was marvellous.

A little boy ran on and tried to save his sister.

People ( on the original video ) said " how cute! " 

I thought " how bloody tragic."

A little lad saw his sister being beaten and he rushed in to protect her.

What have we done?

What have we allowed to be done to our children?

 Our little ones have more guts and spirit than we do.

That little fellow charged in and did what any brother would do: he fought for his sister.

How adults could cheer and laugh is beyond my comprehension.

Shame parents, shame.

And shame whoever it was that thought that this was right.

Yes, this is  short article but it has a very long message. 

How could anyone allow this to happen and call it fun?

Applaud and be amused and say " it is cute " (as many did.)

If this is what we want for our babies, our little ones, then we deserve whatever we get in the future.

My anger and indignation is beyond belief.

Anyone who applauds this is SICK. 

We have to stop this and stop it NOW.







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