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Verily Chambers, Australia  @Verilychambers

Does it actually matter – No, and here’s why

As I have a professional interest in this topic and have been posting disparate pieces of information for some time, I thought it useful to consolidate some of the key ones for those interested in the evidence I have found that massive financial system restructure is in fact occurring. First a warning. Read around as there is a lot of dis-information spread by those that either do not want the change or want to profit illegally from its implementation.

NESAR Act – Is it a con or is it real? It does not actually matter – No, and here’s why

See if you can obtain a copy of the draft NESAR Act (NESARA) written by Harvey Barnard the Author of "Draining the Swamp". You will get a general understanding of the components of what seems to be a massive restructure of our financial and legal systems. Replace the National (N) with Global and we get a massive global restructure, GESARA. I will just refer to NESARA for simplicity, but the principles will apply worldwide.

I believe that NESARA will not be implemented as a whole (via one piece of legislation), instead the various components will be implemented in parts in the USA and other Nations based on the intentions of NESARA and updated for 2020. Trump is using this as a playbook in my opinion and draining the swamp means so much more than ridding government of corrupt politicians and officials, it also means ridding the world of the mechanisms that fund and facilitate the corruption.

I will give you some examples to follow and to research, to help understand what I mean. Your feedback is welcome, so that a more complete picture emerges and so that all men of goodwill can prepare themselves for what is coming.

Note the book "Draining the Swamp" is only available second hand (1000 were printed). I would love to buy it, but it is at least US$899.99 per copy. Also, I spent a lot of time trying to get a full pdf. So far no luck. What is out there is all rubbish and filled with disinformation designed to make any of those that believe in its principles look crazy.


You can get what you need from the draft NESAR Act itself. This too is hard to obtain as sources that used to work now do not. I suspect it is being heavily censored. Here is a pdf I obtained a couple of years ago.

Here is a good image that shows the key components of what might be to come -


Gold Standard. New Currency.

What signs exist that evidence that a Gold Standard is in preparation? Look at the examples of new currency in circulation. Maybe part of a two-step process.

  1. New issues of dollars as opposed to Notes and/or New issues by "Treasuries" rather than Federal Reserve Banks. The new currency is flooded with Gold and Silver imagery.
  2. In a few years’ time, currency might be manufactured with actual gold/silver/copper embedded in them.

Given the progress in technology there may also be a 21st Century spin on the Gold Standard with the use of Gold Backed digital currencies. When I mention Gold, please note that other metals may be used depending on the issuer's ownership of certain metals. For example, Australia has a relatively large Silver holding so this should feature heavily in any currency issues.

The Gold Standard will most likely be completed in the US after a defined 30 month period has elapsed to allow the market to set the price of these precious metals and after having each country declare their audited holdings of the metals to the market. This process is outlined in the draft bills before the US House of Representatives discussed below. 

See how the USA has introduced new currency into circulation. and

Note the change in the description from "This NOTE is legal tender" to "Legal Tender" and the Gold and Silver imagery.

Now Look at Australia.

See the new notes issued in 2018, 2019 and now 2020. The old ones said "This NOTE is legal tender throughout Australia and its Territories" the new note simply says "LEGAL tender in Australia". The new note imagery is flooded with Gold and Silver.

The coat of arms that belongs to the Australian registered corporation with the US SEC, the trademark for which is also registered with the US SEC is missing from the new notes too. Does that mean the illegal Corporations set up to run the Western world via Admiralty Law and usurp Common Law and the power and wealth of the people have been taken over or liquidated? Did this happen on 4 June 2019 when Trump was in the UK with the Queen and circa 209 nations were reported to have signed some documents? This is a whole separate area to study and beyond my area of expertise. But here is a teaser from Ice Kates

The Bank of England (one bank that prints currency for the countries of the UK) is also introducing new notes (under the pretext of security) with Gold imagery on one side and Silver on the other.

Over time the meaning of words are changed so people believe a "DOLLAR" (ex-changeable for a set amount of Gold or Silver) is the same as a "NOTE" that is just a promise to pay more fiat currency at a later time. This is the very heart of the "mind war".

See how the value of the USD has dropped relative to Gold over time. This cannot happen when currency is properly back by Gold.

Importantly, under the Australian Constitution Gold and Silver can be coined as currency and used as legal tender. In the USA 12 States either allow or are seeking to allow gold and silver to be used as legal tender and to trade it tax free, another State was added in November 2019.


And now look at the news on 6 March 2020 - is the US using the Corona Virus as an excuse to replace the fiat currency with new Treasury bill? Or even silver coins as silver has sterilization properties?

Where are we heading?

Could it be a new phase in the Financial future of America. Maybe the world? 



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