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When I read this, I was so astonished that I could not believe my eyes. A day that honours such bravery in the face of suffering, difficulty and adversity cancelled in the midst of a time of suffering, difficulty and adversity?

Are we so weak as a Nation that we cancel something because it is too tough to deal with?

Life is not so great now, so we will cancel an honour ceremony for those who faced a far greater threat than we face today? A day that honours those who fought and died for us? A day when young people, really young people, were sacrificed so that we could fight over fucking toilet paper in 2020?

I am thoroughly ashamed. Yes, I get that we need to stop the spread of a virus from Wuhan in China. I get that. But, please, tell me, how can the Australian Government rationalise the cancellation of ANZAC Day while allowing Universities to bring in Chinese students, en masse, via other nations, following a 14 day holiday PAID FOR BY AUSTRALIA and then cancel ANZAC Day?

Oh, I get that we cannot have mass gatherings. I really do. But to import, through back channels, Chinese students and cancel ANZAC Day celebrations because they could be injurious to public safety? Is that not a tad hypocritcal? Flooding us with thousands of students for MONEY is OK but honouring our fallen publically is not? 

The diggers couldn’t “ cancel “ the war. They couldn’t pop off to Bali, paid for by an Australian University and then swan back home and cry racism. No, they volunteered to go overseas, into danger and gave their lives so that we could bitch about toilet paper.

Those poor bastards headed off to an unknown future that lasted days, weeks months and rarely years.

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Lest we forget.

Seriously, lest we forget.

Have we forgotten? Their sacrifice, their pain, their courage, their youth, their sheer PATRIOTISM?

As a Nation as a People and as a group of normal, honest, decent, hardworking, true blue Aussies, WE , WE  HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN.

Yet it would appear that our Politicians, at large have.

Due to concerns over a virus, imported from China, further imported by our useless weak and lack lustre Government by flooding us with Chinese students, we are now in a bloody pickle.

Don’t get me wrong: the leftie looney Labor Government is worse than the weak pansies we currently have at the helm of the boat called Australia that is currently wandering around in a sea of winds blowing in from all directions and there is no sailor or Captain who can take the helm and steer us to a safe passage. The only one we had is ostensibly in quarantine. Peter Dutton.

Don’t get me wrong. The Labor Loonies are worse. As are the Greenie Greta God gurus who think that a 16 year old from Sweden will save the world.

But surely to God, even the most foolish of leaders can see that closing down ANZAC Day while allowing the free flow of Chinese students to our Nation is seen as money for money’s sake.

Follow the money.

The bottom line in this whole fiasco that is going on right now is that Morrison should have closed the borders, stopped the importation of Chinese students, prevented the Universities from using the other country loophole, shut us down and stopped bringing in “ refugees. “

Instead, we still receive the poor neglected and starving dross of humanity, suffering from malnutrition, weakened by war and tortured by the horror of hell. Yeah, right.

It breaks my heart when I see this image of these poor, malnourished, weak and helpless souls.

Boat migrants 640x480

Give me a break.

Our world, according to the United Nations, is now dedicated to importing, protecting and subsidising these frail men from harm.

Work to support their Post Traumatic Stress .... their terrible ordeals. Be buggered. Not on my watch, that is for sure. 

We must ensure that our Australian population stay safe and, because we imported hatred and anger, animosity and annihilation of us, our way of life and our cultural identity, we must now cancel one of the most important days on our annual calendar.

For me, this is the death knell of Australia, as I have fondly known it.

This virus called Wuhan, Covid-19 – call it what you will. We have a much worse infection on our plate at the moment.

The infection of those who hate us, wish us harm and seek to destroy all that we hold dear.

And, unfortunately, our Politicians, from both sides, are saying “ bring it on. “.

The only solution is if we stand up and say “ No. “

No more.

But do we have the courage, the tenacity and the guts to do it? More importantly, who, among our Politicians, has that temerity and fearless desire?

I know who I am with and it is not the LNP, the Labor, or the Greens. 

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