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We all know that China and its Communist regime is “ buying “ the West. In doing so, it is buRying the West.

Import vast amounts of goods and services, students and consultants, experts and technology all to prop up a Communist regime that could and would cripple the entire Western Capitalist model.

Cheap labour, cheap goods, cheap ideals – all to overthrow the Western Governments who were asleep at the wheel. But the West is fighting back?

Like a drug dealer peddling cheap and highly addictive drugs, China has steadfastly stuck to its regime of outstripping demand with supply and thus increased the demand for its crap steel, crap produce and crap food – fed on crap – all to create an appetite that is now so voracious that all other suppliers have been priced out of the market.

Our Universities RELY on the Chinese student market. Our consumers RELY on cheap and disposable commodities and gladly pay nickels for what they think is a dimes worth of value.

We have closed down our steel manufacturing and imported cheap Chinese steel – only to see building and bridges fail because the cheap steel is just that – cheap.

We import cheap Chinese solar panels that fail and break and give up the ghost the minute they are challenged by a hail storm.

As my late Dad used to say, you get what you pay for.

Only this time around, we are getting much more than what we paid for.

Flooded with Chinese imports and Chinese students, we are grateful to receive the Chinese dollars from tourism and full fee paying students, cheap clothing and cheap toasters – all so that we can continue living our lives of consumerism built on the back of millions of slave labour political dissidents – housed in re education camps to satisfy our lust for CHEAP.


And along came Coronavirus.

In a heartbeat, we start hearing murmurs of a nasty flu. From China.

A mild irritant becomes a global “ concern “ and then escalates to a global “ emergency”. Our dealer has become a source of a contamination which may interfere with our supply of our cheap Fix – much like a drug dealer who ceases to provide pure heroin and now could potentially be giving us the opportunity to shoot up with drain cleaner.

We become worried – our Governments become “ concerned. “ Our supply is temporarily cut off. No cheap no more.

Global markets become nervous and share prices start to fall. People are being  isolated and unable to travel. Or travel at their peril. Much like the drug addict, shoot up at your own risk or , if you eat something from China it may be the last meal you ever have.

Panic becomes inevitable – yet we are told not to panic. Stay calm,  don’t worry – go about your daily lives and be assured that we, the Governments of the World, have this in hand.

Only… only… we feel uncertain. Probably best not to buy something from China. Probably best not to approach someone who looks Chinese. Probably best to stay away from ships, planes, malls and shopping centres. Order home delivery, just to be on the safe side.

Our neighbours may laugh at us – saying that we are overly cautious and over reacting, yet, something in us says, in the words of our Granma’s and Granpa’s,  better to be safe than sorry.

The entire global consumer market slows down. Locally grown produce is our preferred purchase. We stick close to home, avoid crowded places, restaurants and bars.

Just to be on the safe side.


The Chinese marketplace is being brought to a halt. Students from China, tourists from China, goods from China… all, gradually, no longer accepted.

The Chinese economy starts to falter and stagger. Suddenly, as if by a quirk of fate, all the shares they own in our water rights, farms, companies and infrastructure become CHEAP.

We could afford to buy them back… at a fraction of their previous worth. China, the Stealth Dragon, the hoarder of gold runs out of steam, out of puff and lies, belly exposed to the wrath of its subjucated citizens.

The Chinese Dragon brought to it's knees and it was not the fault of anyone from the West....... simply the fault of a bat.

Just imagine that?

The importance of an R.

Buying or BuRying…. Fancy that?

Only I wonder who is burying who and who is buying China, right under it’s nose?

I wonder….

Hmmm..... maybe Orange man is following the teachings of Zun Tzu " “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”  


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