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I have just read something I wrote 4 years ago. It is the anniversary of my little Jack's departure from this world in 2022.    He was nearly 18 years old.  

June is a very important month . My birthday coming up too , Mr Redhead's birthday as well, and a 74th wedding anniversary ( if he was still with me to share it). But we made 65 years together. My dear little Jack Russell departed this world on the 1st June , and I visited the RSPCA and took home my 2 Manx cats on the 4th June. 2 years ago. Those very ones that so kindly wake me every morning around 4.45 am !

When I re read it, it made me realize that while things have changed, (we are no longer restricted in movement , people are able to visit .. and those dreadful masks have gone) .. except of course by the criminals.

But instead of confined to homes, the homes have been stolen from some people and they are reduced to caravans and tents .   Jobs have been lost and can you name one person in Australia that has not had a member of their family or a close friend who has not suffered some dire ailment from the "jab".    

These are very trying times.   The pattern of life has changed , no exciting things to took forward to.   The winter visits we looked forward to  with family and friends visiting from the south  chasing our milder weather.    Driving up with their caravans,   calling in to say hello, catching up on the news .   Of course we miss the everyday  activities we used to  take for granted.   But most of all we miss the  very much looked forward to visit from our sons, daughters  and family .  

We have to look for other things to do, to help fill the gap.     In the local shop at the moment are big boxes of  pineapples.    Once upon a time Golden Circle put out the most delicious tinned pineapple , but now you are lucky to find pineapple that is tinned in Australia.     Guess what I have done?     One lovely big pineapple in the grocery trolley and then cut into pieces and stewed with raw sugar until cooked successfully and then into containers and the freezer.    I have done this each visit recently .  Of course several helpings have been put into the frig for immediate enjoyment.    And enjoyment is hardly the word.   It tastes superb , so fresh and just like pineapple should taste. 


We stew apples, peaches and nectarines when in season , so why not pineapple.     If you haven't tried it make it the next  task.   You haven't tasted a ham and pineapple pizza until you put some of the freshly stewed  pieces on it....   that's how a pizza should taste!
There is a crow outside at the moment , he has spotted my little Jack Russell's breakfast  and is teasing him by crowing and  dancing around wanting to sample some of the breakfast goodies.   Of course knowing what little Jacks are like,  they enjoy this game .    He is guarding the  food and chasing the crow.  He will eat his food shortly   but in between times this is fun.   This is another example of  normal everyday living, what would we do without our pets.   
download 2020 08 29T093444 
photo for dramatic purposes only. Her garden is much prettier. And her little Jack is a bit more " solid " 
 They  keep some semblance  of everyday normal life.  The daily walk to the beach in my case, the preparing of his mince and vegs  , the chicken necks separated and put down in the  freezer  for future use.   The cat in the family looked after and its routine taken care of.      The "oldies" babies.   Younger  people have the kids to get off to school , fortunately now back in   operation.   We like to have a  routine,  a pattern of  behaviour
Living in Lockdown as the poor residents  of Victoria are suffering at the moment must be a nightmare.   Thoughts of ... when are we going to get out of this terrible situation …   must be forever in their minds.  When are they going to be able to visit into NSW , Queensland  etc.    the petty border restrictions for the people living in border towns and   not allowed to cross to visit a hospital or some other  desperate visit that might be needed.   Premiers that give the okay for big rallies and marches and then say No  to a mother visiting her baby across the border in the nearest hospital.     Where is the  justice in that ? Where is the heart in that?
 download 2020 08 29T110936.169
This is why to keep sane we have to take pleasure in the action of stewing home grown pineapples and savouring the delicious taste .   At least some things can be enjoyed.     Walking our dog, laughing at the antics of the crow who loves to tease our faithful buddies.   Admiring the little baby next door who is just about to start to crawl,   who was born in this  year of turmoil  ,  poor little fellow , no one visiting and enjoying sharing with the parents  those lovely early months .     Fortunately he is a happy little chap  and is thriving .  

download 2020 08 29T093836

I am like everyone else , praying for the day when we are Free and  can once again do what we want  and go where we want.    Have our friends from over the Borders come and visit, I include New Zealand in that.   How many of us Aussies like to visit the snow fields  around Queenstown  and the Kiwis  in turn like to visit warm and sunny Queensland.    Fair winter exchange,  but not this year!
Three more days to go and we will be in September, and still no light at the end of this long and dark tunnel of restriction and frustration .   Hope is what we need , and an  end to this Covid19 life of control.
Well   my little Jack has just told me he wants a number 7 on his list .   I wouldn't mind betting he wants another flying lesson.


I am still stewing pineapple and my son is visiting from New Zealand at the moment.   The little baby who was starting to crawl is now a regular visitor with his new brother and they delight in playing my piano and searching for the cats. He is heading off to school next year. 

I no longer have my little Jack Russell, but I have a neighbour who has a dog so I prepare treats and I enjoy his antics. 

The crow still visits and I have a flock of eager customers waiting at dawn to be fed - lorrikeets, doves, butcher birds and bush turkeys. 

Life has slowly returned to a version of normal. 

But nothing can ever turn the clock back to old normal.   The dark days of lockdowns and enforced vaccinations may have gone, but their memory is still as fresh as it was then.  For far too many people, they are living with the consequences of the vaccinations on a daily basis. 

Perhaps it is just as well we remember.    Because we must never forget. 

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