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Today's article is about Deception. Lies. Experimentation. Life. Death. Family. Love. Hate and Betrayal.

It is about incompetence. Government. Loss. Restriction and Destruction. In short, it is about the very things we are all confronting in this new global reset that is hell bent of changing our world forever. 

It all started when I watched a documentary about 3 boys. All adopted. One, to a wealthy educated couple. Another to a middle class working couple. Another to a more blue collar family. All three were loved and given every advantage within their parent's power. 

It transpired that they were triplets, separated at birth and sent out to be tracked over their lives to see how they progressed. Would they grow up differently from their siblings?  Yes, the kicker was, that unbeknown to them, they had been part of an experiment. A vile, sinister and wicked experiment to see how nature v nuture works. 

I found it very disturbing. How could adoption agencies allow such a perverse experiment in our era of so called enlightenment? 

It was one of the most high profile reunions in history. Their faces were splashed across newspapers around the world, and the press couldn’t get enough of Robert Shafran, Edward Galland and David Kellman — triplets who were separated at birth.


In 1980, 19-year-old Robert Shafran arrived at Sullivan County Community College in New York for his first day, only to be greeted by students who seemed to recognise him. They called him "Eddy" and were puzzled by his insistence that he was not. The confusion was soon cleared up when Robert met Eddy Galland, a fellow student who was his spitting image. The two young men quickly discovered that they were identical twins, separated at birth and adopted by different families.

The story took an even more astonishing turn when David Kellman, another young man who bore a striking resemblance to Robert and Eddy, saw their story in the newspaper. David contacted them, and it became clear that he was their triplet, making the trio complete. The three brothers—Robert, Eddy, and David—had lived their lives unaware of each other's existence until that moment.

The reunion of the triplets garnered massive media attention. The brothers appeared on numerous talk shows, their uncanny similarities and shared mannerisms captivating the public. Their story was a heartwarming celebration of family and fate, and they enjoyed a brief period of celebrity.

The triplets discovered that their separation was not a mere administrative error but part of a deliberate, covert study conducted by the Louise Wise Services adoption agency, in collaboration with the psychiatrist Dr. Peter Neubauer. The study aimed to examine the nature versus nurture debate by placing identical siblings in different home environments and observing their development without informing the adoptive parents of the existence of the other siblings.

The revelation that they had been part of an unethical psychological experiment stunned the brothers and raised serious ethical and moral questions. They learned that their adoptive families had been chosen to represent different socio-economic backgrounds, and the study included regular psychological evaluations of the children, adding to the sense of betrayal and manipulation.


The emotional and psychological impact of these revelations on the triplets was profound. Eddy Galland, struggling with mental health issues, tragically took his own life in 1995. Robert Shafran and David Kellman have continued to grapple with the legacy of their past, advocating for ethical standards in psychological research and raising awareness about their story.

It was a hard watch, I must admit. However, it got me to wonder: how can we, as a community ( a word used too loosely these days ) allow such things to occur?  

Let us be brutally honest. Children are no longer protected. They are being used, abused and treated with appalling CONTEMPT these days. 

Did Hitler and his Nazis teach us nothing? 

My daughter worked for a government authority in Australia some years ago and she told me that her role was to be a child's advocate for children being adopted. I believe most wholeheartedly that what we need is a child's advocate in every country around the world. 

No one should have the right to abort, terminate, kill ( let's face it... the word murder is not mentioned these days, is it? Too nasty. Too unpleasant. Too triggering. ) Late term abortion up to the time of birth is repugnant. Leaving babies to die because they are not wanted and survived the horror of an abortion should be regarded as a miracle. 

I suppose part of me holds the so called nurses and doctors in complete contempt because they willingly participate in this grossly indecent and barbaric practice. 


Which brings me to the pointy end of this article. 

Are we all part of global experiments?  You know, the bit where we allowed ourselves to be herded into pens during COVID. Or when homosexual couples are allowed to adopt little babies and be reared in a family environment that is foreign to most of us? 

That Mummy and Mummy and Daddy and Daddy is just peachy dandy and to hell with what that child might face in his or her future? 

Is this part of some new experiment?  To see how far we can be pushed as a species before homosexuality and perversion is considered normal and that we, heterosexual people become the abnormal and minority? 

No one should have the right to use babies as pawns in experimental research programmes. NO ONE. 


Are we enduring an experiment to test the ties that hold us together as decent, kind, and caring People? 

I suspect that this is so. 

For, if you think about it, we ARE being tested. "THEY" are testing us where money is concerned. "THEY " are testing us where morality is concerned. " THEY " are testing us where decency is concerned. 

Perhaps " THEY " want to know what our breaking point is. How far we can be pushed. 

We have accepted the murder of babies. Accepted the destruction of femininity. Accepted the destruction of our historic religious and patriotic allegiance. The difference between male and female. We have accepted that our countries can be overrun by those who hate us and seek to change us. 


Let's face it. The Fall of the Roman Empire was down to the following: 

1. Invasions by Barbarian tribes

2. Economic troubles and overreliance on slave labor

3. The rise of the Eastern Empire

4. Overexpansion and overspending

5. Government corruption and political instability

6. The migration of the Barbarian tribes

7. The loss of traditional values

8. Weakening of the Military

Rome basically fell because of poor leadership and a border crisis. Coupled with a total breakdown of morality,  Rome was doomed to fall. A string of terrible emperors, a weakened economy, and an increase of stronger opponents acted like a ticking time bomb.

How far can they push us before we, as a People, finally say NO? Or will we, like Rome, collapse and become a thing of the past? 

I'll end it here with this old advertisement from about 2011. Because there is much truth in it for both Australia and New Zealand today. Yes, it is funny and we down under don't mind a laugh in troubled times. It acts as a pressure valve when we are reaching boiling point. 

But boy oh boy, something has got to give. 


Can we please just get back to being normal? This experiment is killing us. 

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