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Many years ago, my late Uncle was approached by a lady who had inherited some money. She wanted to open a coffee shop. She asked my Uncle if it would be a wise investment. 

After some consideration, he replied

" Have you ever run a coffee shop?"

" No " she replied. " But I really like coffee and I am a good baker. I think I could make a success of it."

My Uncle looked at her and said "Are you prepared to lose it? All your money? All on the account that you like coffee and baking? Are you prepared to lose it? " 

The woman shook her head and said " No. "

My Uncle replied " Then do not do it. " 

There is, as my brother says, a lesson to be learned here. 

Something that governments and politicians should heed. 

We had great countries and great economies. All now  " invested " in green renewables, electric cars and the wonder of the punt on a future coffee shop when no one has a bloody clue how to run the shop. 

I doubt Uncle Pete would agree that this was a wise investment. 

The woman concerned did not buy a coffee shop. Instead, she bought a house and her money was invested in what we called " brick and mortar. " An old fashioned term, yes. But oh so relevant today. 

My Uncle's story has been on my mind lately. He has been someone I think about when I have an important decision to make. 

" Am I prepared to have something go wrong and lose it all if my decision is wrong? " 

Hell no. 

But these days, governments delegate. They hire people to make decisions and they claim them as their own. But when the decisions they made go bugger up, the people they hired are nowhere to be seen. 

This is what is happening in countries all around the world these days.  The people they hired are off counting their booty and the politicians are left holding the poisoned chalice and no one is up to say that they gave the order to promote the jabs. 

It was then an invisible man. 

We must, as people, be accountable for our actions. 

I tried to do something to upgrade my blog. 

Yet, yesterday, despite or in spite of my best endeavours, my blog went bugger up. 5 long and dreadful hours because I dropped the ball. 

I thought that I had ensured that I had made sure that nothing bad could happen. But it did. 

Uncle Pete must be in Heaven right now saying " I warned you. "

 Yes, you did.  I thought that I had done everything to make sure that the site upgrade would work. But I forgot the one thing that we all need to remember these days:

Do not delegate. And are you prepared for it if things go wrong?

The minute you get someone to do what you know you should do .... well, you are buggered. Because you find yourself defending other people's mistakes. 

That is what is wrong with us at the moment. 

Politicians are defending decisions made by other people they employed. 

If they were like me, they would have to accept and own up. I made a mistake. I screwed up. I actually admit I made a boo boo. 

My decision to delegate was wrong. 

Have you ever heard a government admit that?

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