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I belong to the group known as Baby Boomers – the ones that were born in the post war years and lived through the “ burn the bra “ and early feminist days of the pill, the equality of the sexes and the general liberation of women from the kitchen.  

At the time, I did not realise that my life had gone from one of comfortable domesticity to one of 5 am starts, 10 pm finishes and a pay cheque that largely went to childcare providers.

As a woman, I was proud of what we achieved then. But now, I am not so sure we did anything other than bite ourselves on the bum. And in turn our menfolk into pawns, pansies and poofters.

I recollect one of my friends getting a position in the early 70's as a locum running an airport transit motel. She would go in, clean the room and have it set up for the “ ladies of the night “ who rented the room for an hour or so and then leave. Back in, another clean and the room would be ready for the overnight guests.

On the first day of her locum position, she arrived with her husband and two kids in tow. Her husband headed off  “to work “ and the kids both came down with measles.

Her liberation found her running between the bottle of calamine lotion, crying children, servicing units that had serviced men – by the said Ladies of the night – jet lagged tourists and the motel cat sleeping in the drier and put on to tumble – emerging after she heard the thump from within the drier – with whiskers and hair on electricity static overload.


Her liberation was a bloody nightmare.

She rang me and said

" I signed up to be a motel manager for a month while the owners were away and I ended up a cleaner, a nurse a veterinarian and a counsellor to ladies of the night. " 


A year or so earlier, she had made the responsible decision to have a tubal ligation so that her nuclear family would stay at a one for one ratio. In those days, it was the accepted rationale to have two children.

She told me about the time she was sitting in her room in the hospital, following her operation and an older woman came to invite her to the patient lounge for the Tuesday morning “ parade of shame. “ as she called it. Tuesday mornings were Vasectomy Day and she said it was well worth watching. My friend walked up to the lounge, mystified as to why this should be something so worthy of her time.

She watched and waited and then saw why: those poor men, having had their guns deprived of magic bullets, limped and winced as they hobbled to their adoring wives who clustered at the end of the corridor.  It seemed somehow to be a joyful thing, to see them suffer, after what we, as women,  had endured through childbirth. 


Oh, how wrong my friend was. Those men were doing what she had done: the responsible thing. 

Since those giddy days of being a 23 something year old with an overly inflated sense of self, she had fallen for the illusion of superiority for having done something that no man could ever do : have a baby. 

Sure, he could help make one, but he could never ever become pregnant and become a mother. 

Oh my, how she and I have changed. 

Men are now pretending to be women and guess what? Women are defending them for their charade. 


Decades ago, women resented the use of sexuality to promote such publications as Playboy or Penthouse. 

Now, they actively encourage men dressed up as women to promote femininity. They shout down their " sisters " who feel that men do not belong in women's sports. They attack and harangue women who defend women's rights to privacy and dignity in change rooms and toilet facilities. 

Women's Rights are no longer about Women's Rights. They are about Men's Rights to be Women. 

Figure that one out if you can. 

Divorce is at an all time high. Same Sex Marriage is so very “ now “ and there is seemingly no need for birth control anymore. If you change your mind, send it back for a full refund and denigrate the human baby to a matter of “ buyers remorse. “

I read somewhere that someone was trying to defend the murder of a 3 year old child as late term post birth abortion. It could be BS but, these days, who knows?

When comedian David Chapelle said that it was a woman’s right to abort her baby, then surely, should she exercise her right to have the child, a man can exercise his right not to pay for its upkeep, people were horrified.

Yet I ask “ Why was he wrong? “

If a woman, free to use a pill or insist on a condom or other method of freely available birth control, falls pregnant and the father has NO right to preserve that infant’s life because this WOKE WOMAN decides that it is her body… then surely that same father has the right to NOT PAY CHILD SUPPORT?


David Chappelle posed a valid question.

Men, man up and leave the sex out of it. Because this is about control. Control of you, your bank account, your sperm and your Rights. The longer you do a Prince Harry and allow a woman to rule you through your gonads, the longer you will suffer through your wallet. 

There are many good women out there. Choose your mate wisely. And women should do the same. The days of liberation are over. We are now in the time of considered reason.

A time of careful and deliberate choice. Our mate for life is not just about our life but also our future children's lives, our livelihoods and our future as a species. 



As Monty Python said “ Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is good… “

We could pop in a new line :

“ Unless it is for money and for your livelihood.”

In which case, boys, pull up a pew and watch your annihilation. I suspect you were safer in the trenches of the Somme than you are in the current woke world of weirdo women and dicky todgers. 


This was never about liberating women from the home. It was about taking them from the home under the pretext of liberation.
In my opinion, it was a communistic idea to destroy the family unit. Since the so called women's lib movement, we have seen marriages fail at alarming levels and children living in trauma because their parents are apart and using them as pawns.

It was the end of parental responsibility. Women no longer changed a nappy or diaper and men grew tired of a tired wife and children who cry when they get home from 12 hours in so called day care.

Women are worn out trying to live up to a myth and the once warm and cosy beds the children slipped into are now made from sheets that have been on the bed for weeks.
Mum and Dad are tired. Grandparents are drafted in to fill the gap but so often live hundreds or thousands of miles away and no longer fill the role they once did.
Mortgages are out of control and mothers go to get their nails done or get a spa treatment instead of spending time with their own little ones.

Parents don't go to the parent teacher's nights because they are worn out. Strangers potty train their infants and no one is allowed to hold them when they need soothing after a fall.

Fathers struggle to get access to their own children because a vindictive wife and her solicitor appeal to the courts to punish him for something he may not have done. But an accusation is enough these days. My opinion is that women were scammed and, 50 years later, our new generation is the product of parental neglect. Not intentional, but neglect all the same.

The bed time story, the clean bed, the home cooked meal. All gone. Replaced with stressed parents, take away food and a home that is no longer a place of comfort and security. When I was little, I would come home from school and call out " Mum, I'm home! " and a glass of milk and a freshly baked slice of cake or biscuit was waiting. Followed by those wonderful words : " tell me about your day. "

Women walked into a trap. And I fear that it is going to be one that it is impossible to get out of.

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