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It is a long lamented sadness that we are now governed by people who care not for us or our Nations, but for themselves. It does not matter what nation you call home, the problem is still the same: our so called leaders are merely opportunists who are more focused on opinion polls and less focused on doing what is right for their country.

Therein lies the entire problem. Focus groups, social media " persuaders " and self interested career politicians care more about their fat pay cheques than they do about building a Nation and building a future for which we can all be proud.

Take a walk or stroll ( if you are allowed these days )  through a park in a town or city: it is filled with trees and memorials to those who saw past the 5 year plan or the next election cycle. It is gently shaded by magnificent oaks and triumphant majesty borne from visionaries who thought, not of themselves, but of their children and grandchildren and many generations yet to come.


Queens Park Toowoomba

There was no immediate opinion poll boost from their actions. No, they built a park and planted trees that they knew would never give them the pleasure we enjoy today. They did it because they cared and because they were Nation Builders. 

Nation Building does not happen in one election cycle: it comes from a heartfelt desire to contribute and make their country a better place than it was when they offered their humble service in its endeavour.

During the horror of The Great Depression, Statesmen embarked on programmes that would keep people employed in the short term, but yield great benefits to the Nation in the long term. 

State forests were planted and civil works projects were embarked upon to drought proof and flood proof our countries. The Statesmen of that era recognised that they could address two needs in one action: employ the unemployed and create a bank account that future generations could enjoy. The benefits reaped decades later have been extraordinary. 


So why is it today that our leaders and politicians put out trillions of dollars into assistance to pay people to stay at home, not work and become depressed and swathed in emotional anguish through lack of feeling worthy? 

Our Statesmen would see people go to work, feel worthy and valued and dignified with a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. 

Today, the opinion polls and gangs of advisors tell our politicians to give " them" some money and let them sit at home. You will win the election for keeping them " safe. "

And it appears to be working... all around the world, the elected leaders that locked us up, stolen our rights, and deprived us of freedom were being hailed for their magnanimous generosity and civil spirit. 

Yet, is the tide turning? Are people waking up to this terrible deception?

I grew up in an era when a man or woman brought home a pay packet, it was filled with the due recompense for dollars earned. Every dollar was dignified with the pride of an hour invested or a day devoted to the dignity of work.

The concept of no work, get paid, is not only foreign to me but somehow repugnant.


What really gets me these days is how no one dares to think big or think of the future... it is all about securing the vote in the next election. 

Back in the days of Nation building, we saw things like the Hoover Dam in America, the beginning of the Bradfield Scheme in Queensland and the hydro electricity dams in New Zealand. Now? We see some warped idea of pumping water uphill to generate electricity in the Snowy's where it will no doubt cost more to generate the power than the power that is generated. But it will get the votes.

Biden stopped the pipeline from Alaska and America now imports fuel from Venezuela .. give me strength to survive this nonsense.

Our Statesmen of old planted forests and built dams and invested in our Nation.


Today, Politicians plant seeds of fear and tear down dam walls and put our Nations into debt... to win votes. All because a vocal minority tell them that it is the right thing to do.


I wonder... perhaps wise words in retrospect?

Every single Statesman who has stood for or been elected to office has been " divorced " and stood down for not toeing the party line.

It is time for WE, THE PEOPLE to rise up and tell them to bugger off, grow up and start doing their bloody job.

Covid became a mask for their fear and they may be reluctant to admit that they were just useless. So they kept us closed down, silenced and masked - not to keep us safe, but to keep them safe.

Everything our forebears gifted to us because they were Statesmen, not Politicians, is being squandered and given away in order to get votes.


Read it and weep.

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