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In Australia and across the world, hard working ants are seeing a plague of grasshoppers - who consume at such a fierce rate of knots that a Canberra parliamentary smorgasbord would disappear faster than a fact in an ABC documentary about climate change.

And a Washington DC or a Wellington Beehive could cut off the food and shut down the bain marie faster than Hunter Biden issuing some pipes to use for rather strange reasons and his father shutting down pipes that could have saved America.

Let us be honest:

Politics today is more about money, drugs, sex and rock and roll than about family, love and loyalty.


 No one can comprehend how low the politicians and bureaucrats can go until you drill down into the swamp that they inhabit.

So what is Australian Politics really all about?  New Zealand Politics? American Politics? 

What is Politics about anymore? Throughout the world?

Ants and Grasshoppers are at odds in a world that no longer makes sense. A world where the hard working cannot cope in the ever increasing burden of the plague of grasshoppers.


Many decades ago, Pauline Hanson, a fiery redhead decided that she had had enough of immigration and governmental corruption. 

No, she is not our redheaded chum, fondly known as Redhead, but she is of the same persuasion: fiercely determined and very passionate about what is right and wrong.

From her famous humble beginnings as a fish and chip shop owner in the old coal mining town of Ipswich in Queensland, Pauline launched a political movement that saw Queensland politics stood on it's head in the 1990's.

Her biggest concern was that China was getting too much influence in our country.

For that, many hailed her as a hero and many hailed her as a racist.

Oh, my, haven't we changed?

We have become a melting pot, turning out coffee coloured people by the score. 

We are now so welcoming of migrants that we are losing our national identity. We are no longer Australian. We have become a melting pot of nothingness where being Aussie is no longer " Australian. " 

It makes me want to weep tears of sadness and regret that we are attending the funeral of our much loved mother who brought us up better than this. Mother Australia would be ashamed of what her children have become. 

We are now in a wealth of pain as a nation and as a world. The left and the woke have taken over our political houses.


Our people are working harder for less and our rights are shrinking by the day.

The influx of migrants from ethnically diverse nations has created problems we could never have imagined.

Unable or unwilling to learn our language, they suck on the teat of our generous social welfare system and the workers of our nation are becoming less able and or willing to contribute to their support.

They have become Immi Grunts and Giveme Grants.

We are living in the world of Aesop's Fables - where the Ant and the Grasshopper tale is becoming a nightmare of reality and we are seemingly unable to do a thing to prevent all our hard work and prudence from being destroyed.

And In less than a decade.

We are living in the ultimate before and after world, whereby, slowly but surely, the grasshoppers are killing off the hard working ants and there seems to be sweet bugger all we can do to stop it.


Photo is from Greece but the message is still relevant

 Historically, our ant species work hard. They work as a team and have inherited work ethics.  They teach their young to work hard.

photo from Appalachian Mountains USA. Same story, different country

Generations of ant colonies have learned the value of hard work and have adapted to the environment that their colony has called home.

They help each other when times are tough.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott fighting as a volunteer in the bushfire crisis of 2019 - 2020

Mr Abbott was rolled as Prime Minister by Malcolm Turnbull who in turn was rolled By Scomo.

Scott Morrison became the poster child of grasshoppers, seemingly ( in parodies of course) playing the ukelele and wearing an Hawaiian shirt while Australia burned. Our current Prime Minister slugs a beer at the tennis while Alice Springs is metaphorically burning.

I wonder what Australia would be like today had Tony Abbott remained the Prime Minister? And what America would be like had President Trump been returned to office?

We would be seeing a different world folks.

And it wouldn't involve eating crickets, hearing crickets and white anting our societies with grass smoking bed hoppers telling us that the sky is falling.

A world run by the alphabet agencies and groups who are hell bent on sending us to some kind of Sesame Street dystopia where we are ruled by the letters U and N, and W and E and F with a slice of L and G  and B and T on the side. 

And the number, I think is zero. Yes, zero. 

We may as well go back into our rubbish bins we call " life " and stop trying to count how many times our governments have lied to us, manipulated our emotions and told us that there are dancing ducks, flying pigs and boogey men around every corner. And they are called Climate Change and Covid. 


Because if the Alphabet wins, then we have zero chance in hell of surviving. 

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