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Maybe. just maybe, back in 1975, a little baby girl was born in a hospital somewhere,  There was a storm, perhaps, at 5.36 am, and she was born. She was a pretty little thing. A bundle of love bound up in a fragile little package called a baby.

As her mother lay there, gazing with wonder into the eyes of this precious child, the father asked " what will we call her? " 

The mother said " Shirley. After Shirley Temple " and that was that. Imagine that?

Shirley Temple was born in 1928 and died on February 10th 2014. As the anniversary of this sad event approaches, I cannot help but reflect on the thing I call " The Lives of Shirleys.". Of women, around the world who were blessed to have been gifted such a wonderful name.

Named after such an incredible woman whether we knew it or not. Or maybe just because it was such a pretty name. 

But to be fair, Shirley Temple was a star. Not like these pretend ones today. She had something called talent. 

A woman who survived Hollywood, survived politics and money; power and greed. In fact, a person who survived against all odds.

Because, I guess, she was raised well and was just a nice little girl. Named Shirley. 

There are Shirley Clubs all around the world. Women who say their name with pride. Old, young, not so young, not so old - all wear a name badge that sets them apart from others. 

The first Shirley Club was set up in Australia. The Shirley Club was the brain child of Shirley Brown from Western Australia in 1996 .There is now a Shirley Club in all States of Australia, ACT and three in New Zealand.
The United States of America is overtaking them with almost 400 members already registered.

When someone chooses such a pretty name, it is done quite deliberately. It exemplifies the love of feminity, grace, wit and the joy and delight of the celebration of happiness in the face of adversity. But there is a fierce determination in this innocent and lovely name. 

While Shirley Temple is the most famous of all Shirleys, just think of the others who showed the Shirley power. 

Shirley Bassey. She was always relied upon to get the party started and set the mood.

Oh, do please watch the videos I have chosen. 

 There are Shirley's like Shirley MacLaine and so many others whose acts of Shirleyism are worthy of celebration,

There was the fictitious character created by Dolly Parton in the movie " Straight Talk " when Doctor Shirley shared her words of wisdom with the Chicago audience. 

When young Shirleys around the world wanted to become Doctor Shirls. 

But so much of this started with the little girl who sang about lollipops and celebrated the joy of innocence and the pleasure of being young and free.

But was it? I felt very uncomfortable watching this scene. Yet, years ago, I smiled and sang along. 

The innocence of childhood that WE saw all those years ago is now seen through a different lens, isn't it?

I am reminded of the interview she gave some years ago. 

PLEASE watch this 30 minute video. I guarantee it will be worth it. 

Shirley Temple was the great Shirley.

And to think she danced with Buddy Ebsen, famously known as Jed Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies.

There are so many more.  

Cute little girls who are adored by their fathers, mothers and siblings.

Protected and loved. 

Anyway, the bottom line is that Shirley Temple taught the world to love innocence and delight in the joy of childhood. 

If the world chooses to ignore that, then it is the world's loss.

Shirley taught us to avoid colour prejudice.

It was the first time a black hand held a white hand in American cinema.

Shirley Temple taught us to be kind. To be nice. To be thoughtful.

Perhaps we need fewer Lidia's and fewer Nancy's and fewer Karmala's and fewer Meghan's? 

Maybe we just need a few more Shirleys?

I mean, after all, Shirley is such a pretty name,. 

To all the Doctor Shirleys, the Mum Shirleys, the Singing or Tap dancing Shirleys, thank you for being you.

To the gardening Shirleys, the Shirleys who go to school board meetings, thank you.

But mostly, thank you to the little Shirleys yet to be born. 

We are eager for your arrival. 

We need more Shirleys in the world. 

Please watch all of the videos. They will enhance your life. And think about Shirley Bassey.

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