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The 54th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) wargame - their next manufactured pandemic.

The 54th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, has just concluded. The Large Hadron Collider Hellgate has closed for the year. As faint impressions of cloven-footprints are steamed from caviar-smeared carpets, an acrid sulfuric stench still permeates the mountainous air.

Three-thousand hobnobbing-ghouls from 120-countries gathered over 5-days (January 15-19, 2024) to workshop their forthcoming horrors for humanity. Amongst them were 1,600 business leaders, 350 heads of state and government ministers, and hundreds of academics, civil society leaders, and entrepreneurs — all lesser demons enthralled to the Archon and WEF-founder, Klaus Schwab. Every mind: deviant and depraved; every heart: blackened with hubris and malignancy. All self-serving psychopaths. Thieving, thwarting and forever-feasting on the human species, this largely unelected Consortium of Parasites were focused on “preparing” for their next hypothetical pandemic: Disease X.

Disease X is imminent, but only because these hellish fiends are hellbent on releasing it.

The “X” denotes a “placeholder” for any currently unknown pathogen that may emerge with epidemic potential. Apparently, the mysterious Disease X “is already out there and on its way,” and it will be “the big one,” and it will surely be “20-times deadlier than COVID-19.”

Such incredible prognostications, suggest foreknowledge and preplanning.

Since August 2023, more than 200 scientists have been viral-tinkering and RNA-cobbling in the United Kingdom’s high-security Porton Down Laboratories. These nefarious scientists have been specifically allocated to a new Vaccine Development and Evaluation Centre (VDEC) that is devoted to concocting a potential “vaccine” for Disease X. 

Basically, they have developed the “virus,” and they are currently perfecting the injectable bioweapon: problem, reaction, solution.

The WEF-thrawls are aspiring to restage every authoritarian aspect of their previous vaccine-marketing hysteria; and they intend on doing so this year.

Lockdowns, masks, vaccination: the complete evisceration of human endeavor.

They are frantic to resume their prematurely-stalled Fourth Industrial Revolution. They remain fixated on their project to de-evolve humanity into a techno-enslaved Transhumanism, while conveniently killing most.

Their unwavering obsession with continuing the human-cull via intentional bioweapons, while reasserting totalitarian control, is foremost in their diseased minds. They want to regress the industrialised nations into a Neo-Feudal serfdom, stripping land, assets and hope from the citizens, as they shunt them into 15-Minute City AI-monitored hives. They want everyone monitored, traced, tracked and integrated into their Beast System of complete subjugation and absolute control. In their arrogant wishful-thinking — they actually believe they can get away with it, again.

The ludicrous theme for Davos 2024 was “Rebuilding Trust,” (trust in those that conspire to depopulate, deindustrialise, degrade and enslave humanity?) and the proceedings concluded with the dire proclamation that the “most severe short-term risk the world faces” is “misinformation and disinformation.”

The “most severe short-term risk the world faces” is the WEF.

Unquestionably, in such a context, “misinformation and disinformation” is synonymous with Truth. Indeed, the most severe short-term risk the WEF faces is Truth. Truth counters the lies underpinning tyranny, and so they must censor it from circulation, and endeavour to erase it. All current attempts at globally implementing measures to suppress online “misinformation and disinformation,” are primarily directed at diminishing true awareness, and Truth.

However, awareness is gathering exponentially, consciousness is rising, and they are panicking.

In late September, the 2023 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit took place in New York. They now openly admit that their UN Agenda 2030 timeline is failing worldwide:

“The UN Chief Antonio Guterres delivered a dire warning to world leaders, reeling off a list of existential threats and bemoaning global failures to cooperate on solutions.
A top priority for Mr Guterres is a "rescue plan" for the UN's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

The goals were set in 2015 and cover areas like hunger, poverty, gender equality and climate. But a recent UN report said just 15 per cent of the goals' 140 specific targets were on track.

Many of them are going in the wrong direction, and not one is expected to be achieved in the next seven years.”

So, only 15 per cent of the Agenda 2030 goals are on track — this is because of Truth.

Essentially, the medico-fascist overlords ensconced in the Geneva-based strongholds of the WHO, the UN and the WEF are desperate to maximise universal deception, mass-consent, and to ensure susceptibility to their official narratives. Such “official narratives” all lead to the arc of the Reaper’s scythe. These “narratives” (Net Zero, Climate Change, pandemics, etc) are specifically crafted with the utmost devilish-cunning to hypnotise many, and to effectively kill en masse: genocide.

Thus, Truth is an obstruction to the further implementation of The Great Reset and their UN Agenda 2030: the planned depopulation of approximately ninety-percent of humanity.

They are failing because of Truth, and they will ultimately fail because of Truth.

The WEF’s insincere emphasis on “Rebuilding Trust” only reveals their existential desperation to encircle, and brick everyone into their forthcoming Big Lie: Disease X

Under such “rebuilt trust”:

  • We can trust that they are determined to resume their aspirations of imposing a One World Government of a New Order of Biomedical Technocracy.

  • We can trust that the WEF Cabal has engineered another gain-of-function “virus” and intends on releasing a “Disease X” that has “20-times the fatalities of COVID-19.”

  • We can trust they will aggressively endeavour to censor all online attempts at disseminating truth, and will endlessly amplify their lies through official propaganda outlets.

  • We can trust that this year, the “ultimate election year” 2in which 4.2 billion citizens across approximately 65 countries will “decide” their leadership at the polls — a “new pandemic” will be used to preserve unpopular globalists, or to steal leadership from popular populists (primarily aimed at Trump, and the throne of the American Empire: Nationalism versus Globalism)

  • We can trust that under the proposed WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty (to be ratified in May, 2024) that they once again intend on locking-down vast global populations, and subjecting humanity to endless vaccine mandates and a permanent Biomedical Police State.

  • We can trust that they want to confine populations to contained hubs of 15-Minute City zones, impose curfews, close borders, restrict local and international travel.

  • We can trust that they again want to furlough employment, collapse small businesses, close schools, shutter churches, deny access to recreational facilities, restrict funeral attendance, hospital attendance, palliative care and nursing home attendance.

  • We can trust that they want to jeopardise the supply chain, disrupt imports and exports, and threaten access to groceries and basic necessities.

  • We can trust that they aspire to induce another collective mass-psychosis, triggering and harnessing latent post-pandemic trauma via controlled media, exacerbating fear and division, and further fracturing psyches, friendships and families.

  • We can trust they will purposefully erode the middle class, further bloat the billionaires, impose mandatory Digital ID and a concomitant Digital Wallet, and promise a Universal Basic Income (UBI) scheme based on CBDCs to eradicate “contaminated” cash as they sustain those indefinitely quarantined at home.

  • We can trust that all CBDCs and UBI allotments will be predicated on obedience, submission to vaccination, and the assessment of 5G-enabled AI-monitoring of Social Credit Scores and limited carbon consumption.

  • We can trust that this second manufactured pandemic will be accompanied by a second mandatory bioweapon population-cull.

  • We can trust that they intend on making the Vaccine Economy and Vaccine Passports a permanent fixture of everyday human life.

  • We can trust that many will again fall for it, but this time, there will be many millions more who will not, and who will simply not tolerate a repeat of the last genocidal swindle; and when the many become the majority — the perpetrating few might just face destruction.

All this we can trust; and we must trust that Truth can derail it all.

Whether the official Disease X narrative is eventually attributed to a hostile-nation’s deliberate, or lab-leaked bioweapon; or perhaps a climate-thawed “mutant virus from the Siberian permafrost,”6 something will soon “emerge” as the next potential “pandemic threat.”

It may be “released” during the July-August 2024 Paris Olympics, or perhaps amongst the 90,000 NATO troops from 31 Allied Nations who will assemble in May to partake in the Steadfast Defender 2024 drills.

However, it all only exists as a potential, and all pre-emptive discussion pointing to the obvious culprits, and exposing their agenda WILL prove detrimental to those hoping to stage a Disease X pandemic. Talk about it openly and freely now — mock the forthcoming narrative with all who prove receptive, and seed ideas in those who are still incapable of grasping the enormity of the COVID PsyOP. It will all contribute to disrupting the “disease timeline” they hope to install on-loop into our reality.

Most have now forgotten the emergence of the monkeypox, or the recently renamed MPox. At the time, I researched and composed an extensive timeline that detailed and exposed how they had strategised their “Monkeypox Pandemic.” The triumvirate of the WEF-WHO-UN were going to stage monkeypox as a corollary pandemic, and they were going to mandate a “monkeypox vaccine” for everyone. Nations were advance ordering 100,000s of vaccines. Monkeypox was to be the “segue disease” that was to continue the need for Vaccine Passports and the infrastructure of the Vaccine Passport surveillance — it was a furtherance of the cull-by-needle. Was.

Simultaneously, with the escalating “monkeypox scare,” Russia had commenced their Special Military Operation (SMO) against Ukraine, and had commandeered forty-six US-funded bioweapons labs. Russia soon revealed to the world that the West was working on illegal bioweapons, and was intending on manufacturing another pandemic:

Upon diligently reviewing captured research papers and specimen samples, Russia’s Defense Ministry ‘accused the United States of creating drugs, that when introduced into the body for a short time, cause chronic disease.’7

It was revealed that “monkeypox” was effectively “in the vaccines,” and, pertinently, that these vaccines (like the COVID-19 vaccinations) were intended to harm and propagate the “virus.” The Russian Ministry of Defence presented extensive documentation from the captured labs to the United Nations — and the whole monkeypox hysteria literally disappeared overnight. Gone.

Such is the power of Truth.

All things only exist in potential, and it is our response that will determine whether they will manifest beyond mere potential to adversely impact our reality.

Never stop telling the Truth, and pursue it always.

When it finally emerges, whether it be days, weeks, or months from now; when the media starts obsessing over the “horrific” new Disease X, in those nascent hours, as anxiety stirs, and as the masses begin to fixate on televised propaganda forewarning of imminent viral doom — laugh, preserve your humanity, and do not comply.

Perhaps this time the world will laugh with us, for they have cried long enough, and they are starting to figure out the source of most human tears: the WEF Cabal, the UN, WHO and all Globalist cohorts, endeavours and enterprises.

And may our collective laughter signal their end.

republished with permission 

The views expressed here are not necessarily those of patriotrealm. This is posted for informational and educational purposes only. 

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