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Another 26th of January is on our doorstep. Only a few more sleeps before we gather our daggy thongs, ( not from Woolies, of course) search out the shorts with the flag plastered all over them and order in a few slabs, a keg or 3 and assemble around the barbie at the appointed hour ( normally around 11 am ) to tell a few mate jokes and have one too many.

We'll dust off the cricket bat and ball while the missus makes the salads and the kids are reminded that beer always lives in the bathtub on Australia Day.

" Oi !  Get your Dad a beer! " will resonate around this great dusty island and we will pull each other's leg and tell jokes about who had a convict in their ancestry.

Will this happen this year?

Old mate from down the road called Luigi or some other woggie name will take a good hearted hammering and Jimmy Jimmy from up north will bring out his collection of Kevin Bloody Wilson cassettes and no one will own a cassette player.  


We'll have a back up though: a youtube link on the smart TV with old Kevin singing about Santa or about living next door to Alan Bond and we all know the lyrics so we'll sing along and laugh and pat each other on the back and call each other a lazy bastard.

We'll offend everyone around the world by singing along with the lyrics that don't really upset anyone that matters, because even the REAL aboriginals love a sense of humor. In fact Kevin Bloody Wilson was very popular in the Aboriginal communities.

But not so much in the cities. Pretty much the same as today really. It's hard to imagine that this song was born in the days that Australia won the America's Cup when Alan Bond was a " tall Poppy. "


 You see, Australia used to be a different country. We had this thing that is called a " sense of humor."

It carried us through two World Wars, the Depression and much more besides. 

We used to laugh at ourselves, others and life in general.In times of hardship and plenty alike, we laughed. In adversity and in times of joy.

I cannot understand why the world is so hell bent on killing humor. No matter how strange or foreign it may sound to the ears that are not " part of the gang. "

Life was hard so, in our leisure hours or days, we would kick back and relax and enjoy that amazing thing called LIFE. And we never apologized for being who we are:


People mock our accent and we do too. It's an Aussie thing. People like Paul Hogan and Steve Irwin made a cracking good living by sounding like Aussies. And Steve Irwin ( God Bless him ) sold Australia to the world.


Steve showed the world the human side of the Aussie Spirit.

Now, there is no way I ( or any other Aussie I know ) would do what Steve did. But sometimes, we like to think that it is our CHARACTER as inhabitants of this amazing country, that comes to the fore.

You see, we see ourselves as Steve Irwins.

We live with the beasties and the biters and the bad dudes every day. In our backyards. I guess we just never expected them to invade our parliament and our government throughout our nation.So many snakes.

We fight the invaders that threaten us. Or, at least, we used to.

We are not lazy bastards. Not the Real Ones anyway.

Real Aussies work hard and we call each other " lazy bastards "  over the barbie because we all know we are just taking the mickey.  It's an Aussie, bloke thing. 

We'll talk in riddles to " outsiders " and answer questions with questions. That's another Aussie thing.



Not one of us REAL AUSTRALIANS - black, white or in between - will talk about Invasion Day. Not one of us will lament the day that our ancestors were transported from the old country to the new and not one of us will apologise for being Aussie. Because we love this country too much to ever apologize for the gift that Australia has given us. And I write this as a migrant.

 I saw a post from poster Marylou today. 

It said ( in part ) 

On 26th January 1949, the Australian nationality came into existence when the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 was enacted. That was the day we were first called Australians and allowed to travel with passports as Australians and NOT British subjects.

In 1949 therefore, we all became Australian citizens under the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948.

Before that special date, all people living in Australia, including Aborigines, were called ‘British Subjects’ and forced to travel on British passports and fight in British wars.

This is why we celebrate Australia Day on the 26th January. This was the day Australians became free to make our own decisions about which wars we would fight and how our citizens would be treated. It was the day we were all declared Australians.

Until this date,Aborigines were not protected by law For the first time since Captain Cook’s landing this new Act gave Aboriginal Australians the full protection of Australian Law.

This is why 26th January is the day new Australians receive their citizenship It is a day which celebrates the implementation of the Nationality of Citizenship Act of 1948 –The Act which gave freedom and protection to the first Australians and gives all Australians, old and new, the right to live under the protection of the Australian Law”, united as one nation.

What was achieved that day is something for which all Australians can be proud.



We all know how to eat a sausage at Bunnings. As I said some time ago, The Bunnings Warehouse Sausage Sizzles are a part of Australian Culture, much like the Election Day tents outside the polling booths.

I have been known to choose my polling booth by whether or not it has a sausage sizzle.

Personally, I don’t think you should be allowed to become an Australian Citizen unless you have passed the Snag Test.

If you don’t know that “ Snag “ is Aussie slang for sausage, then you may as well bugger off now and hand in your Passport.


You shouldn't be allowed to get an Aussie passport unless you speak English. Come here and you should have to pass the pub test.

Maybe not speak Aussie ( that takes years ) but at least be able to speak English. Because the two are entirely different. Like Americans can speak English but not everyone can understand Mississippian.

Or someone in Britain can speak Cockney. That is a different story.

But at least English.

It takes a long time to learn how to speak Aussie.

But you have to want to learn in the first place.

There is a sign outside a hospital in Melbourne Australia. There is only one word I understood.



When did that happen?

When did the country of Kevin Bloody Wilson, Steve Irwin,, Paul Hogan and Dame Edna become a Refugee Centre?

I suspect that the death of Australia is inevitable because Australians are becoming an endangered species.

I suspect that I have just written the eulogy to Australia. 

Cheers and have a nice Australia Day, you beautiful bastards. 

But I suspect that it could be our last. 

And it breaks my heart.

RIP Australia. You were bloody magnificent while you lasted.

Australia Day is about celebrating being Australian. Not who we were, but who we hope to be. Not where we came from, but where we are now. Not what was, but what we have.

Being grateful to be part of the future, not of the past.

How hard is this for the left to understand? 

No one owns this country. 


We are all guests but, for the moment, I want to enjoy Australia Day and my moment in the sun. I have the daggy shorts in the wash. The flag is on the car and the beers are on ice. 

And I can't play cricket for shit. But, then again, neither can the Aussie Cricket team right now. Too busy on their knees to stand up and fight for a wicket.

Cheers and have a nice Australia Day, you beautiful bastards. Enjoy it because it might be our last.

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