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I had this incredible article ready to put up today and all of a sudden, one of my commenters put up a comment that stirred a lot of interest., It was about the kids that are currently protesting about freeing Palestine and, oh, I don't know, saving the planet and making sure that BLM matters, LGBTQ matters and all letters of the alphabet matter 

But, like that character from Sesame Street all those years ago who told us that the letter or number of the day is - well, today, I want to talk about the letter W. 

And we all know what W  stands for, don't we? 

Some of you might think it stands for White. Or Woke? 

But I say, could it possibly stand for Work? 

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, kids would get down and glue themselves to the pavement and march in protest to support the dreaded 4 letter word? 


About 4 years ago, my 91 year old mother, who posts here as " Redhead " penned a piece about this contentious and highly offensive word. 

It was all about " Redhead's Bootcamp". 

Yes, it was radical. Yes, it was Far Right. Yes, it was something that would upset young people today. 

What you are about to read is going to challenge your children, grandchildren and even your great grandchildren. If you are young, it may even cause you to race off to a therapy session and do a deep dive into being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. 

So I am warning you, now, do NOT read any further if you are Woke, a Wanker or a Weirdo. Or a Weally Handsome Boy. 


I apologise in advance if this post is too horrific for you to read. I know that it is hard hitting. 

Here we go: 

What is the world coming to? Our younger generation has gone insane.

Maybe they need a spell in Boot Camp.     I developed a   big  smile at the thought.     Seriously it made me realize that I wasn't the only one who  has suffered a shock at what is happening to our youth,  particularly our girls.   Why have the girls been the ones to be so brain washed?  I always thought that the females were supposed to be very bright and  had a mind that  could cope with several things at a time.   But now they seem to be narrow minded and minds closed to all sensible thought.

download 2020 07 21T095818.182

What I can't understand is why the young boys are not more outspoken , is it because they have been subjected to such a host of lies and accused of all sorts of things when and if a girl wants to hurt them.   Is this why they are taking a back seat and retiring to the background saying,  I am  keeping well out of it.   The girls of today have a lot to answer for.    Young ones of the 12 to 15 group talking about abortion, saying it is their choice , full term babies killed  and really not realizing at all what they are saying.   

download 2020 07 21T101323.363

If they actually were present during one of those dreadful operations I wonder would they be so off handed about the procedure and the sight that would met their eyes.   Have they never held a little  baby , felt it put its little fingers around you own finger?     It is a Life too.   Black lives Matter... All lives Matter . 
And babies lives matter.
download 2020 07 21T095933.757
If we all fell down on the ground to pray to God to help us fight these misinformed young protestors I  could see hope,  but to fall and do it  just because it looks different is madness. 
Now back to  Redhead's Boot Camp.      First of all no telephone to bury their noses in...  TV, only when the days  chores  had been completed.     Of course they may be too tired with the unexpected effort  required  that they might just fall into bed and sleep.   They would learn to do dishes,  no dish washer,   Learn how to use a washing machine and to use the sun and the breeze to  freshen and dry the  used clothing.     Maybe even realize you do change clothing every so often too.    Then of course there is the  cleaning of the bathrooms the kitchen,   oh I nearly forgot the toilets too.      I will leave you to imagine the rest.

download 2020 07 21T100119.814

My family member aged 13 years old came to stay last  Christmas ,  I don't have a dishwasher  and all dishes are done the old  fashioned way ...  standing at the sink and hot water and  then a    tea towel to dry said dishes.     I washed and his job was to dry .   Can you believe he had no idea how to even hold the    tea towel.  That was the beginning of the lessons.   By the time the holidays were over he was an expert.    Knew how to set the table and   where to put and collect the  plates etc.  
Later on in the year he went to a school camp .. one for his Band if I remember correctly.  No dishwasher there , and he ended up  teaching the camp dwellers how to wash and dry the dishes. 
Apparently he was the only one with first hand knowledge of that accomplishment.    
Conversations  next and reading material.   Watch Sky news instead of a quick look at the  ABC .  Oh the  mind is starting to change already.  I think by the time the first week was over ,  I would see a definite change,  less deliberate baiting and rudeness , more laughter and helpful  suggestions , more smiles and  even a touch of happiness.    
I honestly believe that at the end of the fortnight you would see very different girls from the two who joined my Boot Camp   .        I believe that if  the parents of these misinformed girls could get the courage to stand up  and change the way they   educate their  daughters  , make them read the  informed books , make them talk and find out about things rather than just take someone's word for it.   I am not meaning  a Boot Camp regime , but  making them partake in the running of the household,  gardens and   enjoying sport ,  being busy , I think a lot of  girls give up sport and bury their noses in the  TikTok and the  Facebook side of life .  

download 2020 07 21T101616

Is there hope ?   Can we see a brighter future ?   I do hope so.  
But I think that Redhead's  Boot Camp might be the only solution.
As President Trump says   " what have we got to lose " because what is happening now is not working.
Using letters and numbers is not helping with solutions    NAMBLA BLM ANTIFA   the list goes on.    Call things what they are and stop hiding the truth.
It is time to stop using the alphabet and start facing up to words   instead of hiding behind collections of CAPITAL LETTERS.
So there we have it. 

Woke hate Work and until we get a few changes to the acceptable four letter word starting with W, I suspect that Redhead's Bootcamp might just be the  therapy we all need. 

Oh wait, does that mean she gets to inspect my house?  Oh, shit............................

See you later. I am off to do the dishes..... Shaydee. 


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