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It has been a good many years since I read " Crime and Punishment " by Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky.  

It is essentially the story of a man who does something terrible, lives to regret it and how WE, as humans, are ultimately responsible for how we live our lives. We may seek redemption but we cannot turn the clock back and undo what one has done. 

All we can do is live with the consequences, try not to repeat our mistakes and hope like hell that those around us cut us some slack if we rectify our behaviour and start being productive members of society.

Certainly, our leaders who advocated for vaccines, masks, lockdowns and social destruction don't seem to be doing a damn thing about ensuring that they do not repeat their mistakes. The problem is that WE have to live with THEIR mistakes. And they are still hell-bent on repeating them. 

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But, back to Raskolnikov....... 

As a character, the protagonist Raskolnikov is a pretty low life,. self centred, selfish scum bag who was over educated, arrogant and never really held down a job: in short, he was like so many leftist idiots that occupy our politics, public " service ",  universities and unemployment queues. 

They are found in the protest marches, the pro abortion, anti Trump and anti coal movements; the " we love Greta"  movements and the lazy insecure pricks who find it easier to blame others than to fess up and accept their own sense of self loathing.

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Raskolnikov took an axe to his victims and then justified his actions:

“Crime? What crime? ... My killing a loathsome, harmful louse, a filthy old moneylender woman who brought no good to anyone, to murder whom would pardon forty sins, who sucked the lifeblood of the poor, and you call that a crime ?”

He spent 10 years in Siberia in slave labour to punish his crime.

However, these days, we see more and more crime and less and less punishment.

Perhaps it has more to do with the creeping spectre of Socialism in our nation. Where socialism is led by the youth who have no concept of worth: self worth in particular and the worth of other people's labour.  

This modern prevailing belief that where there is a perceived need there is a right. I suppose it depends upon whose perceived need and whose perceived right as to whether theft, robbery and violence are justified. 

We need only look at the actions of the youth in Far North Queensland, Alice Springs and in cities such as Melbourne where the youth are forgiven their crimes because of cultural differences or poor role models in their homes? Maybe it is because they are victims of racial slurs? 

Or maybe it is because they want everything and are prepared to do nothing to earn what they want? 

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We all know how this cartoon went down... I will leave it at that. 

It is NEVER THEIR FAULT. Never their lack of self restraint. Never a crime that requires punishment. Never about a parent who failed to bring their child up " proper."

And therein lies the problem. We live in an era where the crime has no punishment. No one is accountable. And people believe they have a right to own what someone else has worked to own. And all perpetuated by our own government. 

The child that threw the tantrum at the supermarket now lies down on a road to protest against something that they have been told is the "right " thing to do. 

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The only punishment that is dished out these days is where there is no crime. Or a newly invented crime of daring to speak out against government or against injustice. In which case, you will be arrested, pepper sprayed and locked up quick smart. 

And people have had a gutful.

President Trump is being punished for being a patriotic, caring and intelligent leader of America because he tried to stand up to the Deep State spoiled and corrupt machine that rules the world. He was cheated of his re election despite his unparalleled popularity with the electors. 

Who believes in the Paris Agreement rubbish about starving our Nations of coal-powered cost-effective energy in order to allow Communist China to prosper? Renewable power is damned expensive. In so many ways. 

 How many punishments these days are handed out to people who have committed NO CRIME in order that those who have committed crimes can walk free?

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In Townsville in Queensland, out-of-control youths can steal a car, beat up an old aged pensioner or hold up a store at 11 am and be out on bail by 3 pm and back for a second helping at 9 pm. 

Biden, who has boasted that he used undue influence in the Ukraine and would win the election through fraud is inaugurated and Trump is being hounded?

Crime and Punishment used to be linked in the cliche " you do the crime you do the time. "

Now it is you do the crime and you get time out and a counselling session. In fact, you get elected ( or selected ) as President and your opponent is up for doing the time for the crimes you committed. 

It is madness. And it is happening all around the world. 

Good, decent people are being rolled in political battles by rigged elections and then sent to the gulag for things that they never did - but for the very same things that their opponents were guilty of. 

Thank goodness for the people of Argentina who have woken up to the slavery of socialism. It took 100 years mind you. 

Yet here we are, in America, Australia, Canada, Britain and New Zealand lining up to do what Argentina has learned DOES NOT WORK!

It took the impoverishment of their nation for Argentinians to finally wake them from being woke. 

What is wrong with us? Why are we ignoring the lighthouse and seemingly voting for a captain who is navigating towards the rocks? 



What have we done to our world? Or, more importantly, what have we ALLOWED to be done to our world?

“Never allow yourself to be seduced by the siren song of social justice.” 

 As one of our readers said today " Javier Milei enunciating the ideology of liberalism, shifts the Liberal Party well into the realms of the leftist camp. He is a man walking a lonely road who refuses to stumble over the cliff to the abyss of economic decay. A thinking man’s, thinking man."

However, I would argue that his job is far more frightening and arduous: to bring his nation and his people back from the abyss, scale the cliff and get back on top again. That is going to be a very tough climb. 

What worries me is that we have people who are holding hands, marching, protesting and voting to jump off the cliff and genuinely believe that paradise can be found in a world without reliable electricity, eating bugs, wearing masks, being jabbed with poison, being homeless, owning nothing and that they will be happy. 

Today, Raskolnikov wouldn't spend 10 years in hard labour in Siberia. He would get the Nobel Peace Prize. 

I will leave the final word to an image that someone posted here on the blog a few days ago. 



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