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" The white Western Culture is vastly superior to the other rabble cultures of the world. No wonder those human debris peoples hate the white people so much. "

I read this some time ago and realized that it is more than about time that the White Caucasian peoples of the world stopped their cringing at every brickbat that is thrown at them by the coloured races from Africa and the Middle East.

It is an undisputed fact that every worthwhile advance in humanity has been the product of the efforts, knowledge, aspiration and dedication of people who are or were part of the White Caucasian race for at least the last 2,000 years.

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It is even more sickening when members of that chosen group of people called White Caucasians are the most vociferous in the condemnation of all that we have achieved and stand for. Perhaps it is an attribute we should be thankful for that most of us just put up with it without widespread uprisings of violence. It is called civility and an attribute called self restraint.

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However, one day the string will break and there will be a reaction of incredible violence that will set the misguided, downtrodden mob that exists in a fog of being sorry for themselves back to their tribal ways of filth, pillage and slaughter that they enjoyed for thousands of years before white colonialism took a hand and gave them some hope of improvement.

If one starts with the Roman Empire and its demise, there emerged from the debris of the invasion by the vandals, the Goths and the Huns, scholars and artisans who were given the opportunity to succeed by religious institutions and wealthy families such as the Medici’s of Italy. They all came from Europe.

This was the cradle of modern civilisation. It was created solely by White Caucasian people.


Among the achievers from non-white cultures no doubt one would have to acknowledge the achievements of the Oriental races in China and Japan and the magnificent structures built by the Moguls in northern India. These are brief exceptions to the rule and were surrounded by hordes of peasants who lived a life peppered with disease, starvation and incursions from neighbouring clans.

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The Great Wall of China. The labor force mainly includes workers, soldiers, forcibly recruited peasants, slaves, convicts and prisoners

I have personally visited and sat with a master sword maker in Japan. One of the few who remain. His workshop is in a very remote mountain village. Everything is done by hand. I have witnessed the repetitious heating and folding and beating of the steel. Not 20 times but 2,000 times. All ceremonial Japanese swords are handmade and always have been.I have personally visited and sat with a master sword maker in Japan. One of the few who remain. His workshop is in a very remote mountain village. Everything is done by hand. I have witnessed the repetitious heating and folding and beating of the steel. Not 20 times as is described but 2,000 times. All ceremonial Japanese swords are handmade and always have been.The technique and sharpening procedure is eye watering. The top quality Japanese chef's knives are made the same way and the demand for these now far exceeds the demand for swords. My visit to this man lasted about 2 hours. In that time, he folded his piece of steel about 10 times. He said it would take him a week to complete the process. He was making a ceremonial sword.

It was the advent of mass steel production that changed our world. That was a thing shared by Caucasian ingenuity. 

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Katana signed by Masamune, considered Japan’s greatest swordsmith from the Kamakura period, 14th century. To learn more go to this link. 


Much is made of the supposed proud heritage of the aborigines in Australia. 60,000 years of heritage is something we white people should acknowledge with breathtaking wonderment. That is utter soppy drivel. I say it is something that they should be ashamed of. In 60,000 years all that evolution ever taught them was how to light a fire by rubbing two sticks together and the propulsion to be gained by the use of a woomera to launch a spear.

It is well beyond time for us White Caucasians from all countries to stand up for ourselves, revel in the achievements of our forefathers and acknowledge the efforts of our present day scientists, engineers and scholars as something to be proud of.

The study of ancient and other races is good academic endeavour for those who are interested in pursuing it. It makes little or no contribution to the daily lives of the vast mass of people whose main focus is to simply earn a living that will sustain them and their families with a bit left over for the luxuries that they crave for. Very few white people relish the thought of being supported by sit down money.

The largesse that is bestowed on the aboriginal population in Australia and elsewhere via the United Nations needs to stop and instead be replaced by support for worth-while projects of self help.

The fact that there is such widespread poverty in Africa and the Middle East when the native peoples of these lands sit on an unbelievable treasure is an indictment on the failings of their cultures that they have been unable to produce leaders to raise them to better standards of daily life. If we stood back, did little or nothing to help them, perhaps they might then be goaded into seeking our help to improve themselves.

After the fall of the Roman Empire there was no United Nations to help with the reconstruction of Europe. The White Caucasian race had to do it all by themselves. They did it and are still doing it. The black, brown and brindle people of the world cannot exist without the support of the White Caucasian people no matter how loudly the idiot fringe tries to convince us otherwise.

I keep harking back to the Roman Empire because there are disturbing similarities between its final days and where we find ourselves today. We have become too successful for our own good. There are too many people with too little to do and who have prospered on the charity and good nature of their fellow citizens. Too much is now left to too few and the committee syndrome that permeates our society has given space and rise to non-achievers. That is translated into the majority of people that now infest our parliaments.

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There are no true leaders anymore. As soon as one with potential emerges he is promptly shot down with the result that our parliaments and politicians are the targets of widespread derision. The ones that remain do not command respect. They do not represent majority opinion. It is within their province to resist and correct the self-deprecating message we are given almost hourly but they do nothing and fail us all dismally.

I am proud of being a White Caucasian Australian and I do believe we are a superior race and we have our achievements to show and prove it. I challenge any other race to match our achievements

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Cicero - Ancient Roman Philosopher

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