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I have never had a tattoo. Nor am I likely to. I hate pain and am rather partial to my skin colour without feeling the need to change its colour or use it as a canvas for artistic expression.

It seems somehow foreign to me. I am rather appreciative of myself and what I look like and, though I may not be as I wish I appeared to others, I am what I am as Popeye used to say.  Because I am an Individual and you can't touch me. 

Why are people so eager to get branded these days? Tattoos? Vaccinations? Barcodes? Digital Identities? Why? 

I can understand the idea of a maori tattoo or a tribal tattoo that was used as a passport to traverse other lands.

An anchor on a sailor's arm. Though quite how someone endures the pain of a needle and the injection of dye into their skin as a thing I would actually PAY for... well, I just do not get it.

I had a website client years ago who was heavily tattooed. I met him in a coffee shop and was astonished at the reaction he got from fellow diners. including myself. I was embarrassed to sit with him. His face, his neck, his arms, legs, his entire body was like a suit of armour that he wore with pride.  

I was sitting across the table from him and said as much. 

He replied " you are naked. Your skin shows scars. You probably fell off your bike when young. Fell and hurt yourself one day. All your scars are visible. Mine are not. "

As it transpired he was a very troubled young man who wore his scars within himself and had used his skin as a fortress to keep him safe. 

Whether this is true of others, I have no way of telling. 

I have a young relative who recently got a tattoo. She laughed when I suggested that it was one of those that washes off when the mood had passed. She admitted that it was permanent. I asked her " why did you get it? " 

She replied " Oh Monty, everyone has one these days! "

And that is something I don't get. The idea that just because other people do something means that I should do it too is so foreign to me. 

Some time ago, we featured a video from the rebel footy player Jacko who released a song declaring " I'm an individual, you can't fool me " 

And it made me wonder why people declare their individuality by conforming. 

Still, that is not the point of this article. Whether my relative got a tattoo to declare her individuality by injecting ink into her skin with a trite message about something she read on social media. It was all about world love or being strong and being one person in a world united for the rights of the individual... give me a break. 


At the end of the day, I don't know if this is true or not true.

I don't know if being vaccinated ( also known as the clot shot ) causes blood to turn to goo or whether getting the vaxx or vass makes us less prone to bleeding.

Personally, I think the word vass was a mis type on a keyboard given that the s is just above the x. 

Or could it be that the poster was referencing something more sinister?


I genuinely do not know.

But I do know that if we do not ask questions or seek answers we are in a wealth of strife. If we are not allowed to ask questions under the new government misinformation legislation, we are doomed to a world where we are branded as misinformed, ill-informed and dangerously idiotic. 

At the moment, people all over the world are happy to " tattoo" themselves because everyone is doing it in order to be an individual.

Am I the only one who thinks that this is just ... well... moronic?

I am struck by the number of people who are vaccine-free who are starting to call themselves clean skins. ( " unbranded " 

Is this a coincidence or does it suggest something else? 

I am reminded of an old series that was made years ago. 

"Branded" is an American Western television series that aired from 1965 to 1966. The show w featured Chuck Connors in the lead role. 

The series is set in the post-Civil War era and follows the story of Jason McCord, played by Chuck Connors, a decorated Union Army officer who is unjustly accused of cowardice during a crucial battle. As a result, he is drummed out of the army and branded a coward by the military. McCord is given a tarnished medal of honor that is broken in half and he is told to leave the military fort. He roams the American West as a wandering adventurer, trying to clear his name and regain his honor.

Each episode of "Branded" typically finds Jason McCord traveling from town to town, helping people in need, and facing various challenges while being pursued by those who continue to brand him a coward. The show combined elements of the Western genre with themes of redemption and personal integrity.

During the so-called Covid years, we unbranded people were treated as social lepers and threatened with expulsion from mainstream society. 

So what is the point of the article? It is this. 

We " Cleanskins " , unbranded, showed our mettle. 

We withstood the pressure. We walked out, unjustly accused and spread the word of Truth. We held our heads high and never gave up or gave in. 

We withstood the vile attacks from people who were branded with tattoos, a vaccination that has turned out to be a poisoned chalice and those who brand themselves as victims of climate change, transphobia, islamophobia, or realityphobia. 

And it made me wonder. Who is truly branded?  

I suspect that history will show that those who chose to be branded will find themselves exiled and we will be left holding the fort while they wander about aimlessly in search of redemption and personal integrity that they will never find. Or, worse still, dying and leaving doctors " baffled. " 

People are strange these days.   


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