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Well, this has caught me off guard. I never expected Mark McGowan to pull a Jacinta Ardern and do the " I am tired " routine. 

So worn out, so exhausted from working so hard to ..... well, I am amazed. Some might say that it is a "Thank God, about time " moment. I could not possibly say that. 

Poor man. Some might say " It is amazing how they worked so hard to screw us over during the Covid Scamdemic and, when they look like they might be up for a bit of scrutiny, they bugger off because they are so, so tired. Boo Hoo. "

Someone might say " Well, guess what Mark McGowan and all of you who are bailing out right now? You are in the Life boat and we are left bailing the water out of a sinking ship that is our country. 

Thanks a million. "

 Certainly, that could be confusing for some. 

I, (if i was a Conservative right wing person,) would probably say  " We are tired of you lot with your lies, your rules, your lockdowns, your out of control police and your years of making US so tired of your rubbish that we are glad to see the back end of you. "  

Of course I would not say that. Heaven forbid. 

But, but, but... 

Some might say 

" What worries us, is what you have left us to face? "

Some wicked right wing people might say. 

" As you waltz off into the sunset with your multi million dollar pay checks from who knows WHO ( yes, you know EXACTLY what I mean ) you don't care about how sick and tired WE are about you and WHO you are. "

Of course, that would be silly. 

We had Ivermectin. Now approved. Clive Palmer donated millions of dollars worth of this to us and Morrison's so called conservative government destroyed the bloody lot. 


I year ago. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? 

Yes, the lot. 


Instead, people lost their jobs and faced unemployment because our so called leaders, our elected REPRESENTATIVES, had some kind of ulterior motive. 
It came down to a simple choice:

Do we, as a nation, allow people to take a medication that has been on the market LEGALLY for decades... or do we ban that and promote a drug that was untried, untested under normal accepted situations... well, gosh, let me think. 

Let's go for the one that no one knows shit about!

Our Premiers rammed it down our throats, in our arms, up our noses and convinced so many to get tested, get vaxxed and stay isolated from each other. 

Many Australians smelled the rats and decided not to board the Good Ship Covid Con. 

As a result, we have not yet passed away from myocarditis, pericarditis, blood clots or that incredibly tragic new affliction. "Dying Suddenly. " 

Yet we have seen our friends, neighbours, relatives, loved ones, all become ill with Stage 4 Cancer, all sorts of dreadful afflictions.. and then leave us in a world that is worse for their passing. 

I have personally mourned the deaths of beautiful human beings that were too young to die. People who have suffered awful health issues - some in their 20's. And each and everyone was vaccinated. 

Of course, it was probably a coincidence. Just one of those things. 

You see, since our leaders, politicians and health " experts' declared that we need to be vaccinated, they have been leaving office as fast as my friends and neighbours are dying. 

Probably just another coincidence. 
Anyway, I am not for one moment suggesting that people are resigning because of having been wrong about ivermectin or vaccines. 

That someone might be facing legal action for what happened. 
It is just a series of questions. I could not possibly say anything like that. 





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