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I have just read with dismay that girls as young as 14 years old are having their breasts removed .   From what I can read it appears that they ask their parents could they go on Hormone treatment they want to become boys.   This is after only months before dressing in pretty clothes and looking like attractive young ladies.

The parents naturally say NO but when the Authorities  are brought into the equation  the girls  are removed from the family and given any and all the  hormone and surgical treatment needed.   According to the article it has not been just the odd one  but a number of breast removals have been performed.   

Why is this happening?   Could it be  because dressed in pretty clothing they are subjected to unwelcome attention from certain groups of males.      Perhaps they have decided that  if they pretend to be boys they won't be  the victims  of abuse and rape?   Is the situation so bad overseas that is the reason behind these requests?  

This brings to mind what is going to happen in a few year's time when these young ones reach an age when they would like to  return to being a young lady  and hormones have altered all sorts of things.     I have no idea  what might occur,  but,   I do know that having had their female breasts removed it will certainly  cause distress when only  false boobs are  fitted to replace the originals. Long term health implications are very concerning.

Has this type of mutilation happened here , are parents of muddled teenagers being faced with the  same  Authority  interference  .     Surely parents have some say   over what a 14 year old thinks they want.   Surely some time should at least be mandatory before radical surgery and hormone treatment begins.   Certainly 2 or   3 years and then if they still feel it is  for them , then hopefully they cannot blame their parents for not sticking up for them .  


Of course if my thoughts on abuse and rape are at the bottom of their  decisions,  even if they are not aware of it,   then we have to include that in our efforts to protect our young girls from this  overwhelming fear.   We have to increase the punishment for such acts of violence  and stop using excuses  such as they,  the rapist,   doesn't know  any better.   Of course rapists know what they are doing but we have to make them so afraid of the consequences that they will have more than second thoughts.


If this radical treatment  is available overseas we have to make sure that our young girls are not  placed in similar situations , and that means protect them from abuse and rape and allow them to look pretty   and remain feminine .  

More worrying still is the fact that children are being removed from their parents care.  This should ring alarm bells for parents everywhere.

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